funniest commercial ever

Discussion in 'General' started by cushy, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. oh no!

    is that thing real?!
  2. lmfao!

    it's the bukkakinator! rofl!

  3. Damn! Wish I would have come up with that one! Nice wordplay!:D :D :D
  4. i think its real..if not..they did a good damn job haha thats so funny
  5. so wrong.....but so utterly hilarious. i'd hate to be the kid shot with that thing
  6. haha, hilarious.
    the little black kid rubs it all over himself!! haha
  7. I might be buying one of these..would make for a great suprise wake up at parties..maybe even if you warmed up the ooze a little

    please tape reactions!

  8. This whole 'shaming' thing only ever seems to occur with white college males... and always seems to be of the homoerotic nature...

    I'm sorry, but this kind of thing doesn't happen in the real world. If you try, you'll get your jaw knocked off.

  9. You've never written with a permanent marker on someone while they were passed out rasta_man??
  10. thats disgusting. great reactions from the kids lol
  11. I wasnt talkin about whacking off on someones face...but just the general field of fucking with passed out people...flouring them, drawing on them, stacking shit on them...whatever everyones done it and had it done to them

    and if youre not talking about waht I think youre talking about w/e..cause in like 4 months im going to be a white college better watch out..ill be spurtin on your face!
  12. hahahahhahaah

    skeet Skeet Skeet!!!

    that one kid got it in his mouth and spits it out ahahahahaha

  13. I don't party with kids like yourself... or pass out.... or letting people write shit on me.

    Haha you need to get a little more cultured, kid. Some people *will* fuck up that nice little smile of yours if you fuck with them.

    I've been to many, many, many parties in my lifetime. None of which have i ever experienced or seen this 'shaming' thing. It doesn't happen to everybody, not even close.

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