funniest anti-weed documentary

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSlickToSlide, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. No way... I skimmed through it a bit, and this guy is extremely ridiculous. I lol'd so hard.
  2. Especially when he starts crying in front of the camera. I'm almost convinced this is fake lol
  3. I'm not fuckin' watchin' a stupid ass anti-marijuana movie...I waste enough time at work.:cool:
  4. i'd rather jerk off anyday than to watch a documentary
  5. [quote name='"steezyDAT"']i'd rather jerk off anyday than to watch a documentary[/quote]

    Well that was quite a well thought out and informational post....

    Anyways.. I don't spend much time watching anti-marijuana docs. I have watched most of the pro-marijuana/medical documentaries out there.. just waiting to find some new ones :)
  6. That dude just needs to get laid, big time.
  7. Dude did you just call him gay...?
  8. Some talented ladies out there.
  9. At around the 20 minute mark he says this: "I like weed, I think it's a great substance. And I think that anybody should be able to use it recreationally. Unfortunately, there are just some of us who have abused that privilege and may already have been addicts to begin with. And quite frankly I think I'm one of those people."
    Dude, PLEASE tell me you are ******* kidding. You made a whole documentary bashing weed and labeling it as addictive when you just said the answer you've been looking for in those couple sentences. YOU are the problem, not weed. You're just a pathetic person man, end of story. If this was a documentary based on a substance that is ultimately known to have addictive properties due to changing brain chemistry, then you would have my condolences. Anything and everything can be made addictive, I can't believe most people can't figure that one out for themselves, good riddance.
  10. sorry its just a word no hate towards anybody
  11. Yeah dude, quit being gay about it

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