Funnest Idea Ever

Discussion in 'General' started by JohnnyOnTheSpot, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. So, I had the greatest idea ever.
    Every easter we have a party at my house where we invite everyone from our church and well everyone is a super christian and super anti weed and shit.
    the party is always lame as shit, and we always make food for everyone.

    I was thinking of making LOADS of cannabutter and making lots of food so everyone at the party would be fucking high. Now i would never really do this but it would be SOc crazy, I cant even imagine. My whole church is pretty much Romanian immgrants so it'd be fucking hilarious to see super christian immagrants high off their ass against their own will.

    what o you guys think of this? id never do it since it'd be fucked up but it would make for a great movie idea :p
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    Oh yeah, because getting people high who are not only against it, but wont even understand what the fucks going on, and may even decide to drive home because they feel ill, and then crash or get pulled over because they cannot handle the intense high of properly baked edibles, especially lacking tolerance.

    You'd be facing some major criminal charges, putting innocent lives at risk, causing widespread panic of a possible "poisoning", potentially ruining careers (some people hold jobs that require you to have clean urine or they'll fire you) and possibly getting your ass beat. This isn't the 'Funnest Idea Ever', its quite possibly one of the stupidest, least thought out ideas I've heard in quite a while.

    It's these 'fun' idea's that give the cannabis community a bad name.

  3. Quoted for motherfucking truth
  4. I agree with Smokentoke420, assuming you don't like to put dog shit in your mouth, how would you like it if people secretly cooked it into your food?
    PS: no I'm not comparing weed to dog shit, dog shit wins hands down! :D
  5. couldn't have said it better SnT. To the op, just don't do it.

  6. :smoke::D
  7. its still a horrible idea, :p
  8. Even if they do like weed, you don't let other people use weed, or drugs, without they knowing about it.
  9. if you do this you officially are a 8==D

    (its a drawing of a dick)
  10. So hes a drawing of a dick? Well that's not so bad.

  11. much better than being an actual floppy penis, right?
  12. Couldn't agree more!

    Same reason for hating on idiots who think it's fun to get pets high :mad:
  13. For sure, marijuana is a choice, and it should always be just that, a choice.
  14. Fuck that. Sorry, but that's a bad idea. :confused:
  15. apparently he'd "never do this",but even typin it up just makes ya look like an ass in my opinion. Sure, id make some bud brownies and offer them to the party, but Id tell em THIS SHIT GOT WEED IN IT SON!
  16. ive done it once... cost me 200 but soooo worth it...

  17. You got a grip of unknowing people high on edibles? Non-stoners even? hahaha dude, no beuno
  18. dude... some of em were... but nobody that would FLIP OUT... like i dint do my mom.. i got my dad high once.... he knew... he was OK with it.. hahaha but he never speaks of it
  19. i could see this going very very badly
  20. fuck hes not gonna do it and i guess its funny in an ironic sort of way if you look at it like that ... people trippin for no reason ... he was probably just high when he came up with this

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