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Funky Ohio Pickups! (Pics!!!)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Buddin In, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. #1 Buddin In, Aug 13, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2011
    Ohio? Ya I said it Ohio. The Funk is starting to pick up in my area :D We've got a decent amount of home growers in my area. Mostly 20 a gram stuff, not bad pricing. These pictures hardly do any justice. But I will try to get better quality pics up.

    The pictures I have are from my most recent pickup. A no name funk that I paid $100 for a quarter. Which isn't bad considering the difficulty to get a good constant hook up. Which I've found. This obviously isn't the whole Quarter I smoked a couple other small nuggets. It's pretty dense, the grower took some time on this. Trimmed nicely. There some seeds in it, which might seem like a bad thing unless your a grower. :hello: But not a bunch. I only found 3 seeds, all really good ones too.

    The scent is very piney, but kinda smells minty like a candy cane. So I will just call it Pine Mint Funk. It's got some really dark orange hairs. I think its a Indica Sativa Cross, a little stronger on the Sativa side, which I don't mind. Overall good Funk and a very enjoyable smoke.

    Edit: I was thinking of what this could be and I remembered the Trainwreck I smoke and it resembles this a lot, Smooth and Piney. If it is then it's Indica. Could be couldn't tell ya.

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  2. lol pine mint funk, good description. enjoy that stuff dude

    yea now that harvests are coming up my area is picking up the game too. just got the best buds ive seen all year last night.
  3. Ya I picked this up last night and I was surprised. Never got from this guy before so I was kinda expecting some decent bud. But definitely will be visiting him again soon. Hope your season is nice! :D
  4. Looks very nice my man. Awesome bud structure.
  5. Nice, nothin good like that in Cleveland...fuck Cleveland lol
  6. noice..

    looks sexy as hell. hah
  7. Really? That sucks, I would think there would be a lot of funk. Guess you gotta know the right people.
  8. Lookin good
  9. I live near Cleveland. You are just looking in the wrong places :)
  10. I live close to Cleveland, but I think where I live at...peeps dunno how to find anything good. (See my previous thread lol)
    Either that or I need to find better hookups..

    That stuff looks like some I got once from 'bula, $80 a Q and he called it Kind Bud...stuff was good though.
  11. nice dank bro. Ohio's got some good ass dank around. you just gotta find it. usually the prices aren't too bad, at least in the columbus area theres dank everywhere.

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