Funky leaves from nutes

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  1. About a week ago I noticed I had done exactly what I read not to do. I had transplanted from happy frog to ocean forest and after 6 days though it would be a good idea to feed them. 2 days and I see the signs. I didn't completely flush them. Ran about 3g through the 5g post which were still rather heavy from the feeding prior. After a few days it straighten out and started to see more growth. It's been about a week now and they seem pretty strong. Even started a bit of LST.

    Question is: Its time to top a couple of them for their 2nd and final time. Should I take it down and extra node and remove all of the deformed growth or top it as usual and leave it?

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  2. Why would you have thought it was a good idea to flush all the nutrients out of the soil? I dont see any signs of nutrient burn. Might as well just got some cheap bagged junk from wal mart. The wrinkly leaves could be from being to wet for too long

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