funky leaf problem

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by zig864, Feb 25, 2002.

  1. my babies have a problem, I think? The leaves are a deep green and look real healthy, but they have a golden dust or a spore of some sort on them. It is only along the vein line and it isn't on every one of the leaves. The white hairs are normal right? Well the gold is intermingled with the white, is it a bad thing or is it a strain of some kind of GOLD . Also I just noticed that it is only on one out of two plants, they are both one week into flowering and in the same cabinet. What's up with my babies any help appreciated. Sorry no pics digital is at brother-in-laws house will have some soon I hope
  2. watchout.. i had the same gold specklings and it turned out to be spider mites. Those fucker's are hard to get rid of. I just junked my plant.
  3. Thanks for the link it was quite interesting. Didn't get time to red all of it but I will get back to it. dc tanks for the mite warning, me thinks it's to late though. These two might be trash, and they might have nothing so i'm gonna keep them separate from everyone else( their on 12/12 and the others are 24/7), being in differentrooms might help. I'll keep a watch though, it's almost like losing a child.
  4. Don't have bugs in my pants(plants). After I read your thread yesterday about the bugs I went to the grow room and checked a little closer. It looks exactly like fert burn, Also I just bought some flowering fertilizer the day before and had fertilized the plants. Thanks to the gungi gods it wasn't sumptin worse. Now for the dumb question, does the burn on the leaves grow out naturally or does it just disappear. I want to know what to expect, so I can unaquivackly rule out anything else. (ten cent word)

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