funky clones/ autoflower

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by fattywagon, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. living in flint you can imagine that i would have some trouble growing being that the water is unusable. at one point i had a plant stop growing after i took some clones off it so i thought it was just shocked i gave it some feed and just went about my life for the next couple mounts but the plant still isnt doing jack. now its all shortstacked and noded to all fuck and back and its trying to bud on me and so are the clones. i cant see it being an auto because i had it for well over the longest grow period of any auto ive seen. kinda confused over here as to what is going on. meanwhile all my other plants are doing fine. ive also had the plant going on 8 months now. and none of my other mother plants are doing this nonsense. ideas???
  2. Photos....?

    (Edit: as in pictures. Lol)

    The world is in your hands, mine are in the dirt.
  3. Yes. SHOW us what you're talking about. TWW
  4. Man I'm in flint and the water didnt effect my grow at all. I grow dwc with no issues.

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