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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by StayHigh v2, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. #1 StayHigh v2, Aug 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2011
    dont remember the names..... some fire though

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  2. I don't see any pictures. What island do you live on in NC?
  3. roanoke..........
  4. Oh word nice bud. I live on topsail island
  5. Fuckkk mann. Im in Raleigh. How much did that shit cost you? Looks dankkk.
  6. Hey, watch for sharks out there :rolleyes: also for some of this Piedmont/mountain bud

    smells a bit like ripe bananas. Good daytime buzz...:smoke:
  7. nice shit bro ^

    haha ive been 10 minutes from the ocean for 20 years.... ( my whole life )
    I live with the sharks

    yesterday I was out bodyboarding at jennettes literally 15 foot away from it... talk about shark bait.. who knows how many sharks or huge ass fish were swimming under me with people throwing their bait in on hooks all over the pier.. LOL you stop and think about it but then try to forget about it... just catch a wave
  8. Oh damn!
  9. Man, I can't ever find shit like that in my area, unless I have buddy bring it back from pretty far outa town.
  10. daaamn the under carriage of those nugs are rediccccc!!! good looks bro, nice pick up.
  11. Good looking man.
  12. neone out in the wilmington area :smoking:
  13. nice lookin herb, cheers from the high country! :bongin:
  14. Ah Roanoke, Topsail, Raleigh, Wilmington, Carolina Beach... Spent some good time around these parts. Good to know there's some nice weed and weed apreciatation, may be visiting again next year, have to see what sort of bud I can find.

  15. Jennette's Pier in OBX? I'm from Currituck, like 20 minutes from OBX.
  16. some dank ass looking buds
  17. is NC a medical state? pardon my ignorance...
  18. unfortunately no

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