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  1. hi there, i need help coz me plants have fungus growing on the soil, well i use compost. the fungus is like white and not tall bit like fluff, not mushrooms or anything just spots on the soil, can u tell me if u have had the same wot should i do to get rid of it and is it harmful to my plants coz they are only small, plz let me know ur answers on this, thanx
  2. Fungus is the enemy of small seedlings. Overwatering creates fungi who attack the seedling at the base of the stem. The fungus gets inside the stem, cutting off the capillary action, and the seedling withers and dies.

    Compost is not the best material to start out seedlings. Its not been sterilized to rid it of harmful bacteria and fungi spores. But fungi are a common in every ecosystem in the world, (afterall they are one of the five kingdoms of organism, Monera kingdom).

    Overwatering is a major culprit of fungi. STOP all watering at the moment until your plants die or the fungi is eliminated. If only one pot is contaminated, seperate it completely from the others. remove it from the room, etc. And make sure you wash between grow areas. Also some fungi are light sensitive. Place the affected plants in the sunshine and see if the sun can dry the fungus up.

    That's about all I can tell you. Keep your finger crossed because you need to be lucky to pull through this.

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