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  1. So i smoked a few bowls and have been thinking for the past 30mins about fungus non stop.

    and i came up with a question - why does fungus exist?

    Bacteria is millions of things that eat things etc animals we eat and so on...
    but what the hell is the point in fungus and why is it in that cool shape that it's in.


  2. Most of fungus exists under ground, what one normally sees is the fruiting body (reproductive structure used to collect and release spores). As why does fungus exists? Why do we exist? We are but fungus filling a niche.
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    There are many phyla of fungi - all mushrooms you see are the fruiting bodies of the phylum Basidiomycota. Fungi are extremely important saprophytes (decomposers) and symbiotes.

    Long live fungi!


    Edit - Except for the ones that kill us. Fuck them.
  4. i dont know about you but i know shrooms are around just for me i love eating them. if you ever hav some shave them up nice and thing and put them in a blunt. they burn slow dont have a taste (not strong) and can make you high a little bit more extream
  5. why does the fungus look that way i mean most decomposers are blobs of micro organisms

  6. DUDE NO!!! Thats a waste of shrooms, as the psilocybin is destroyed, and your inhaling spores into your damp dark lungs. Fuck dude, your gonna have fungus growing out of your throat :(

  7. dats fucked!!!
  8. why the fuck does mario eat mushrooms

    i know to make him big or small but why shrooms?

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