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  1. hello everyone! This year was the year I decided to do an outdoor grow to get a feel for it and learn about it. The only plant I have outside is a MOB pheno in fox farm OF using their line of nutes. A few weeks ago i noticed on a lower branch this brownish grayish spore(s) or fungus growing on one of my branches, I spray something a friend of mine reccomended and it went away a "dead" looking spot and a crack in the stem where it had been, and today i was inspecing her and there is another spotof the same stuff on a high up branch near a bud site, what is this? What could it be, Thanks guys !!

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    Farrrrk! heart sank the moment I saw the pix. thats some serous fungi infection (Botrytis Cinerea) and well above doing fancy shit to save her.
    ,Very gently place a plastic trash bag over the infected limb, another trash bag over the rest of her, then gently remove the plant to a safe place, like a bathroom, with scissors or box knife washed in hot water and 10% bleach, snip off that limb, wrap in trash bag and burn or get of your property, do not place that plant back with the others for 2 weeks or so, see it as quarantined.
    You have a very advanced case of  Botrytis Cinerea or grey mold, and each second, the mold is on the plant a million plus Botrytis Cinerea, seeds are washing over you plant, if you are brave, you may consider dipping the whole plant in a bath of warm water 25c/75f with 10% bleach solution to destroy any further infections, wrap the base and pot again in a plastic trash bag to prevent soils going everywhere, allow to dry 2 hours in a very windy place or under a hair dryer, set at cold.
    You must treat other plants in your grow room too, look very carefully, remove all plants and bath in bleach as above, next wash down all walls roof gear with hot water and 10% bleach solution, allow to dry well, find some way to reduce humidity in the grow space or grow location.
    TAKE THIS SHIT SERIOUSLY.... as far as growers go theres Cops and Robbers, then theres Mold, for now you have mold.
    see it as a learning experience, from the university of Hard Knocks
    To my blog for more:
    As this is an external grow, gently snip off what you can and hand spray(foilar feed) 10% bleach solution, every day for 1 week, remove moldy shit from the shit, encourage wind
    or look for vidz on youtube cervantas has one

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