Fungus with bells?

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  1. Found an interesting little fungus (I assume, though I'm not positive!) this morning, can anyone tell me what this is?


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  2. bump? curious what this is (and why it would need bells, some sort of trap for insects?)
  3. I think it's Indian Pipe. Here's a link:
    indian pipe
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    Thank you RMJL! I misidentified it as a fungus, like that page says. A plant without chlorophyll is a new one to me. But, despite being a parasite on the tree and mycorrhizal fungus, it seems to indicate that I have a healthy population of mycorrhizal fungi. :) Taking some of the duff/mulch from under that rhododendron to use on my blueberry bushes seems to have shaken them loose from their hibernation and I see new growth! I'm pretty sold on real organics after reading the forums here at GC, Teaming With Microbes and seeing this.

    Thank you (for both this wonderful city and identifying that indian pipe)!
  5. Wow nice find!
    Never seen any myself.
    They are rare in many places, or so I've been told.
  6. sweet plant man, pretty cool stuff, never seen it before, i woulda thought it was a fungus for sure:)
  7. I've found those once at Camp Tecumseh in Indiana.. I was beside myself excited! Very cool plant to spot!!
  8. yeah they are cool, for sure:)

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