Fungus That Kills Marijuana?

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  1. According to an AP story on October 22, U.S. government researchers are in the process of testing a soil-borne fungus, or "mycoherbicide," which they believe will kill narcotics plants without harming other plants or animals. The United States congress recently approved US$23 million for further research into this botanical weapon in the war on drugs, which, it is hoped, will eradicate the plants that provide the sources of cocaine, marijuana, and heroin.

    So the US spent 23 million dollars on research to destroy marijuana plants. Word is they are releasing it into the water and that when people water their plants it will kill your plant. Thoughts?
  2. Glad I got an R/O :D

    They can try all they want but they will never be able to stop indoor gardening, no matter what they do. We can have filters on the air and water, they can't stop us no matter how much money they spend. They would have to go door to door, and even then they couldn't stop the rest of the world from growing it, especially the Earth LOL It grows wild.

    We'll just keep giving them the finger- it's a plant that's easy to grow. They can't stop us.
  3. Besides, weed is a, well, weed. Meaning it easily changes (evolves) characteristic to survive in new enviroments. A few generations of being exposed to this fungus, and nature (not to mention green-fingered growers) will make sure the plant develops either immunity to the fungus, or change to a degree that the fungus no longer want to feed off it.

    And some say evolution isn't useful, tsk :D
  4. check out research on fungus gnats and fusarium.

    check out the links at bottom to. gov been at this awhile now.

    I get pissy when ppl tell me fungus gnats are NO problem. bs imo&e they kill pot in many ways. They aint called Fungus gnats just because they eat it. what one eats, one poos. gnats included.

    this is next. gov already sprayed paraquat. they will not stop till we do.

    try above.
  5. Well, yeah. If they plan to spread GE modified fungus or other biological pesticides in the already lost effort to wage this silly drug "war", they may very well do inreperable damage to entire ecological systems. It's nothing short of madness. Then again I've never really considered the most fervent abolitionists to be entirely sane.
  6. This shit is creepy.
  7. That fungus is hellspawn.
  8. I don't believe it could really be used, there's too much risk it could attack agricultural crops. If it attacked any of the major crops the government would be in the shitter

  9. I think the plant its made to kill, its probably the worlds most sought after and priciest crop out there.
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  10. could someone link the actual article? This is freaking me out a little. If this is really true, I'm seeing an end to all mexican weed that comes in. Also, all indoor growers on tap are done. :(
  11. what a waste.
  12. When that fungus evolves and starts killing off other crops, animals, and us, I will laugh and laugh at the folly of man...... While I am safely living in my own personal biosphere. :p

    Now, I just have to get that thing built.
  13. One of the last ideas of a desperate government, imo.

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