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Fungus gnats, mites and powder mildew problem!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by CAlEAfORNYA, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. FUNGUS GNATS, MITES AND POWDER MILDEW PROBLEM!! I'm 6 weeks into flowering and I'm constantly fighting off fungus gnats, mites and pm. I have tried and used beneficial nematodes, bug o buster for (fungus gnats), avid for (mites), 6 hrs of sulfur burning for (pm) but all these problems are still present. Any other suggestions that can be safely used 6 weeks into flower? Anybody used ORGANOCIDE? I wanted to use neem oil but I was told not to because of the sulfur burning. Please help!!! :confused:
  2. neem oil will work on all the above, spray every 3 days 3 treatments

    Ive not heard anything about neem & sulphur?
  3. 3 days 3 treatment = 1 treatmeant per day?
  4. ive usd neem fo a while and it worked for mites and easy bugs but nats kept comeing back...i used potatoes on the surface...let them gt little gross...and the larv and second stage nats loooove them...id change them a few times and it helped a lot at least diverted the pests attention....but im not great with ph and stuff so i dont kno how good that is f the soil its self...
  5. treat once every 3 days, 3 times total ie over 9 days. As neem affects the little ****ers when they're hatched but not the eggs, you have to keep spraying as new eggs hatch, before the nymphs get to egg laying stage. Might take a while longer than 3 applications, in some cases.
  6. thanks!!

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