Fungus gnats allready ate 4 seedlings

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by brownfingers, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. hello everyone
    i have a problem with fungus gnat i think
    i have lost 4 plants allready
    and the other 4 dont look so good i have tried using eco neem this is all i could get from bunnings to combat the gnats but it seems they are winning
    i followed directions on the bottle but to no avail i tried using as a soil drench but since 2 plants look very sick
    please can anyone help
    thanks in advance
  2. can't help with no pics..."fungus knats I think" will lead to an answer starting with "I think" and that's not good enough...give us all the info you can with good pics...

    good luck and good grows keep us posted

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  3. hi thanks for the speedy reply i say i think as i was told they were fungus gnat as i described them to sumone
    still not sure myself

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  4. sorry to say i did overwater the first time i watered and thats when they turned up now i think i am overwatering to kill them ie soil drench eco neem
    thanks for the replys guys really quick
  5. this is whats left

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  6. yup that's them...get some stick traps...set them up around the bottom of the plant...that will attract the adults...sprinkle some diatomaceous earth on the top of the soil..(which cut through the larvae as their being born...) and then sprinkle some perlite on top of that which prevents easy access to the top of the soil where the adults lay eggs...also increase airflow which flying bugs hate ...and get some neem oil to use in the future as preventative maintenance....all that and you should be good to go...also don't water log the soil...they like wet warm and calm (no wind) areas to breed...get a fan and blow them Fuckers around...TILL hopefully the adults get slammed into the sticky traps...hope this helps.

    good luck and good grows keep us posted and with pics

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  7. *sticky not stick traps

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  8. what's that medium made out of?

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  9. those seedlings look weakened by a combo of things ....water logging being first ...fungus knats usually don't kill like that...the larvae will eventually feed on your roots at the top of the soil but ...those seedlings don't have enough root system for that to be happening...although they aren't helping...I believe you water logged those puppies...which is easy to do when they are in such huge pots

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  10. hi again thanks for the reply i used neem oil but without soap as a soil drench i have a fan blowing but not across all tubs a little tight in the grow room things i havent tried is perlight on top if you look at my other photos some of my plants are barley out of the soil didnt want to bury them do you suggest a dig up of these plants so they sit higher
  11. any sudgestions would be greatfully recieved
  12. soil comprises of 1 bag schots organic potting mix 1 bag perlite 1 bag peat moss 1 bag sand
    i tried to research but am limited to what they sell at the local bunnings(diy superstore)
  13. transplant each individual into separate..small containers...either coco coir and perlite or something designated for growing pot...let them dry a little and you'll see them catch up...only ph'd water is needed now...once they get a little bigger...then do what I said in the previous post's easy to water log when they are in such big pots.

    those size pots are for transplanting way later on and not good for starting out as Thier is a higher chance of bugs and shit.cuz the surface area is huge and the soil won't dry out cuz there's a lot there...

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  14. don't use any sprays or insecticides now either Thier seedlings they can't handle much***

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  15. man ..can't recommend shit I haven't used ...can you find coco coir and perlite? it's treated as hydro as it is inert and is one of the more popular grow mediums used today...I'd need a lot more info on that stuff to be looks like it has a lot of wood chips ..which aren't good cuz it's too acidic...check the runoff ph to see what comes out íts probably to low..
    as you want to be at 6.5 to 7.2 for soil ...and 5.5 to 6.2 for hydroponics (coco coir is considered hydro)

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  16. hi mate
    the closest they had was coco peat so went for that and perlite put perlite in the bottom mixed in the rest then put sand on top as i could smooth it out a little thinner as my plants are short
    thanks i will post pics tomoz
  17. cool ..coco coir and coco peat are the same so your good there..keep em damp ..but not too wet ...OR soaked...they need alot of air they were water logged...

    free the cannabis good luck and good grows keep us posted !

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  18. Diatomaceous earth will kill them. Sprinkle it on top of the soil.

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