Fungus gnat, and transplant prob. HELP!!!

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  1. Ok, here is my problem. I had a fungus gnat infestation, i mean bad. Ate some of my northern light seedlings all the way to the top of the soil, lol, musta loved'em. Well, I used GoGnat, and it stressed my girls right the hell out, almost looked like shock (2 white widows, a super skunk, a bubble gum, and charlie strain unknown). So I decided instead of sitting back watching them die, I would get newsoil and transplant. Needless to so, the rooting system of my girls where tremendously destryed after the transplant. They went into shock, and after a hour or so seemed to be recooping. Lights out, so when the sun rose at 9:00, I opened up the tent, and omg they looked beautiful, and ohhh the smell. I was dancing and singing praises to the cannabis gods. I went to bed, and woke to find that they seemed a little shocked. Leaves were sagging, and stems were kinda leaning to one side. My question is. Is it the stress of photosynthesis that is causing the problem without the previous root system, that doesnt occur during dark hours. And what if anything should i do. Please help, cause I love my girls, and refuse to stand by and watch them die. Oh, it's my first indoor grow.

  2. so i was just scrolling through and looked at yours because i am currently fighting/getting over to what might have been a thrip or fungus gnat. but have been trying to find similar sitings, its probaly way to late concidering you posted this last year:eek: but i know with fungus gnats they are a very big pain and if not caught fast enough there is nothing you can do. next time using spays try organics, you might be more satisfied with the results and it is natural :D and you will know what you are putting on your babys and you can ph it before you use it. hope a lil helps :smoke:
  3. put 1-2 inches on sand on the top of your soil. gnats do not lay their eggs in the sand. and as for the ones flying look up how to make some vinegar fly traps or get some of those hanging sticky strips to catch the ones flying around.
  4. I had one last year from bringing home some plants from Home Depot. I solved it with Fly Trap strips in my tent, insecticidal soap which is non toxic, and some sand on the plant's soil.

    Should of not transplanted. Fungus Gnats are actually pretty harmless to a adult plant. They lay there eggs in the soil eggs hatch they fly around and repeat the cycle. They will do this until you break the cycle. Sand stops them from laying there eggs, spraying helps kill them, fly trap eventually catches the ones flying around.

    Really on transplanting after you have completed it just let it sit and wait. Next time don't freak out when you have bugs.
  5. Diatomaceous Earth solved all my fungus gnat, and also had springtails. Covered the top of the soil, and WAMO problem solved lmao. Not queit that fast, but it worked
  6. Hey Slim, thanks for the post. I have learned alot since those days bro, and only give my girls organic everything, and only the best.
  7. This does work but make sure to bake your sand to kill anything in it or you could have a whole new set of problems. If you have many plants this is a pain in the ass. An azamax soil drenched works great sticky traps too.

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