funeral processions - wtf were these fuckheads thinking?

Discussion in 'General' started by rorygilmoreirl, May 27, 2010.

  1. i'm a little pissed right now. Today I was driving straight down this road going 60 on a 55 and im coming to this intersection where i had a green light: cool. As i approach this intersection a fucking funeral procession comes flying out from the right doing at least 45 and I had to slam the fuck outta my brakes.

    I come within a 2-3 ft of the 20 car line and i'm getting looks from everyone passing by as if dickslapped the queen of england.

    Doesn't anyone else think that these funeral procession driving laws are bullshit? It allows them to completely disregard stop signs, stop lights and all other fun shit. No siren, nothing but a couple stickers and flags.

    "anybody who doesn't respect the funeral procession should be ashamed."
    Do funeral processions have their own traffic laws? - Yahoo! Answers

    the fuck? I understand that we should have some respect for the dead, but have some fucking respect for us living too. Is endangering lives really worth not arriving at the funeral at the same time? Honestly who makes up this shit.

    blahhhhh my 2cents.
  2. It's normal for the rest of the cars to follow through a red, if it starts out green. But that doesn't sound like the case here. The first car should have stopped at the red.

    I think that's just you, actually.
  3. I think I speak for everyone when I say what the fuck is a funeral procession?
  4. I think its when everyone follows the herse (spelling??) to the gravesite in there vehicles. Im pretty stoned idk if thats right or not someone correct me if im wrong

  5. You quoted him before he even posted... WITCHCRAFT!!!
  6. Yeah man, funeral prossesions are fucked. I dont think they have to stop for anything, outta respect or some shit.
  7. I highly dount a funeral procession was doing 45mph.
  8. well here in arizona, they have cops block off the intersections and direct the funeral people you dont have to worry about unexpected cars running red lights..its still kinda bs though..i was late for work and got suspended because of one......
  9. i do not speak ill of the dead. I respect the family who just lost someone they love and i dont drive so yea,,,
  10. Lol well I've never had that problem, but I've been in a car who merged into a funeral procession to get off the highway lol.

    My friend was driving and we were both high, going home from a reggae fest in the afternoon sometime. We see this long ass lines of cars with their hazards on so we don't know what to think as first and get in the left lane to pass them, still on the highway. We see they're clogging the exit lane, and we know it's a procession. My friend merged into the line and hit on his hazard lights. I couldn't stop laughing and as soon as we got off the highway and they turned, we kept going straight to the light and flicked off our hazards.

    I thought that was one of the funniest things I had seen for a while lol.

  11. burn heeem!
  12. ....never seen one here in boulder....probably because both cemetaries in town....are in places where a funeral drive would inhibit bikers from getting from a to b, and anyone who knows boulder, knows the bikers are the top of the road food chain...fucking dumbasses... If a biker, out of no where, pulls infront of your car and you hit them and it was there fault, you still get in trouble and they dont, if a pedestrian just starta j walking infront of you not at a cross walk, and you hit them, still your fault, and you get fuuuucked... so everyone has this idea that they are invincible since they wont get in they just run in front of cars and get all mad at you when you have to slam on YOUR breaks to not hit THEM...when they caused it....fucking assheads
  13. I don't think he had that many friends while he was alive. If they're going my way, I'll slip in the back, turn on my flashers and get a free pass at all red lights.
  14. this..

    i always slow down a little when going through intersections even on green, maybe because i watch too much trutv with all those wild crashes...

    but they have the right of way so just be more cautious when driving because a lot of people suck at driving...

    be safe blaze on
  15. i wonder how many funerals were caused by people going thru a green and getting smashed by a funeral procession
  16. haha its probably their way of getting business if you know what i mean ;)

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