Functional drinks contains caffeine which is hazardous to health

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  1. Functional drinks contains caffeine which is hazardous to health

    A cold drink may be just the thing. But be careful what you pour down your throat. The weather is getting hotter and you'll be getting thirstier playing basketball or riding home from school. A cold drink may be just the thing. But be careful what you pour down your throat. Something that looks cool may not be good for your health.     
    There are plenty of so-called energy drinks on the market. Most of them have an attractive colour and cool name. Their nutrition lists also contains various things from vitamins to ginseng. Sounds great!     
    But after a careful check you may find that most energy drinks contain high levels of caffeine. These drinks are typically aimed at young people, students, busy people and sports players.       
    Makers sometimes say their drinks make you better at sports and can keep you awake. But be careful not to drink too much
    Caffeine raises your heartbeat. Because of this, the International Olympic Committee has limited their use. The amount of caffeine in most energy drinks is at least as high as in a strong cup of coffee or strong tea.   
    Research by Australian scientists has found that many teenagers are affected by caffeine. The results of their survey show that 27 per cent of boys aged 8-12 take in more caffeine than their parents.    There are potential health risks linked to energy drinks. Just one can of energy drink can make you nervous, have difficulty sleeping and can even cause heart attacks.  
    Teenagers should be discouraged from consuming drinks with a lot of caffeine in them, an expert from the Australia Nutrition Foundation said.
  2. Did you join GC just to paste that into a thread
  3. caffeine makes me cranky.
  4. Fuck an energy drink, coffee FTW.

    I don't take care of myself anyway, caffeine is the least of my worries.
  5. I've always said caffeine is more hazardous to your health than pot.
  6. I don't care if caffeine is hazards or not. I couldn't live without mello yello. :)
    :hello::hello::hello::hello: :smoking:
  7. Red Bull till death!!!! :smoke:

    Lol but seriously, couldnt live without the stuff....especially when its poured over vodka. Mmmmmm
  8. Caffeine madness!

    *Narrator voice* Little Jonny was just 12 years old when he took his first sip of caffeine. He later on went and had sex with all the pretty white girls and murdered them all in a hysterical rage.
  9. hahahaa
  10. Fuck caffeine thats just a fucking Drug,I don't do drugs,I smoke weed.Caffeine gets you all jittery and jumpy like a crack addict.
  11. weed is a drug

    and caffeine in an energy drink? no way!!
  12. Saying weed is not a drug is just ignorant. Anything that take/drink/smoke/ingest that stimulates your body in a positive or negative way is a drug.

    Anyways to the original post.

    I could not live without my caffeine, and yes everyone already knows its hazardous to your health, but like with most things that are hazardous, no one really pays attention or cares! If it goes down good, you bet someone will buy it.
  13. Caffeine makes my body unable to balance its temperature and makes me sweat like a mofo.

    Only in large amounts though like 2 of those big Jolt drinks.
  14. Lol most energy drinks contain 70mg per 250ml at the most. It's the other ingredients that make you feel energetic; taurine an amino acid, B vitamins, and guarana all play huge parts in the drink.

    Its perfectly safe and acceptable by medical standards to take up to 1 gram of caffeine per day. The insiginificant ammount in an energery drink really isnt worthwile to base an entire article on.
  15. guarana and ginseng both have caffeine also but who the fuck cares right?

  16. First its guarana and it contains guaranine, which is not caffeine, though is related structurally. Also ginseng does not contain any caffeine. A little research before posting would work well.

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