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  1. Yeah I think I'm just going to have fun, and leave all other worries behind. I don't wanna worry/stress about shit. I mean, a little stress here and their i can handle, but honestly fuck almost energy thing,lol, if I'm not enjoying it:m/ content with it.

    I wanna start off by traveling, and doing spontaneous things. Whatever I feel like doing I'll just do .

    I just wanna have fun man, that's it.

    Edit: I kinda feel like im running away from my problems by saying fuck everything in a sense, buttidk idkwhat else todo. I wanna enjoy my life. And it seems "I" aka my mind gets caught up in the stupidest shit. I've tried mediating a bit. Also I'm extremely bipolar. One moment I love everything, love existence, love even the human struggle& pain, and the next it's like what's the point?
    I think I get to attached to my thoughts instead of just being. I always wiry about the future/ death/ any legacy I'll leave behind. I think about my family members dying, my dog, ppl I run into, you guys...
    Why we all gotta die?
    But then I also see death as liberating, like just leave it all out there , and swag on them ni**as while your alive. Like dance while the music is playing ( live, while your existing) then again who the fuck are we?

    I understand if you didn't read all of this, just a bit of my maybe irritoc thoughts/ feeling I have atm.

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  2. Yep, life is short, enjoy whenever you can, is my motto.   I know it's never that easy though.  When I've been under a lot of family stress due to illnesses, I've felt like doing the same.  Getting in my car and just driving someplace far away, relaxing and fun.  If you are able to travel then do it, you can't live your life for everyone else.  
    Death is all a part of nature, but it's not something we should dwell on, and never forget you are here for a reason, and you have the right to have fun! :hello: 
    Peace to you :)   
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  3. That's my plan if my life goes to shit. Travel, live on the roads. Work the fields. Love the Forests.
  4. ummm... ok, 
    Do what you what you want but be careful. Always keep in touch with loved ones they will save your life.
    First time i said 'fuck it' I moved to missouri. Almost got me killed. Luckily family was just a phone call away.
    second time was to indiana. Been some major ups and downs but i'm living my life doing what i want (thats in budget)
  5. I feel everything you've just said O.P.
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  6. Nice dude. Are you me? Thinking deep is still ok :) just make it more positive! Spontaneous things are the best whether it be the day of, a couple days, or how about this weekend? Also I don't worry about the future much and do what I want to do now. If no one wants to come a long that does not stop me but anyone is welcome to
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  7. I think I'm just going to take things sloow. Because I often over think things, and then my head is a nightmare to be in. I gotta remember who i am, and not get caught up in judgments. - if that made any sense.

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