Fun With Wifes

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by jsoickle, May 26, 2013.

  1. Grow up, dude.
  2. baurman must be gay lmao!!
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    OP is the only one with a girl. and one willing to put dat ass on the internet. I LOVE amateur stuff!!TEEHEE!!! i would drink and smoke heavily with the OP. his woman seems to be more badass than alot of other blade's women. i bet the OP's woman can shoot wiskey too! and keep it!
  4. Op, I would say kind words to your wife, buy her a drink, take her to a fancy resturant, take her home, kiss her goodnight, and cry because she's taken. Lol great catch.

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  5. I'm sure your 10x worse. :confused_2:
    Keep that girl stoned. We need more pictures.
  7. I'm a virgin and of course she's hot, idk what all those other virgins are talking about.
  8. enjoy,yes she was stoned

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  9. so much fun

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  10. loving it

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  11. more this weekend 

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  12. Bit early for Christmas tree's innit?

  13. i look forward!
    PM me your nude pics, dont share them with these other goons.
  15. Your wife is awesome.  Thanks for the pics.  My wife is such a prude.  Good woman though, I'm going to hold on to her.
  16. Haven't ever had a wife but I have had women live with me which is close. It's nice to not be the only one walking around the house naked for a change.
  17. This reminds me of santa and his santa porn craziness lol

    Santa is that you??

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  18. Man I'd do some dirty things to your wife.
    Fuck all the haters.
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    You've inspired me.
    2 things, 1st my wife said it's okay as long as I don't show her face, that's the only reason I'm posting this. 2nd, directed at any haters, we've been married 21 years and this hottie is 49 years old. You all better hope YOUR wife looks this good at 49. Shit, IMHO she blows away 90% of women half her age!
    On top of all that she also helps me trim my weed, ha!
  20. Jills my gf

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