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  1. haters only wish.


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  2. soooo sexy and i am so lucky.

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  3. She is telling me to post more because young punks dont know what its like to have all pleasures satisfied . I am willing to post. Enjoy my milf guys. She is loving this. 

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  4. I think she looks bangin. I love how her hair is done and she's got the sexy on from the heels to fishnets to matching bra and panties.

    And she is a good cook? If she has a heart of gold, you're set, OP.
  5. You should post some pics of her in the ass thread. :)
  6. PPL are focusing on the wrong things....
    1.How them mo' fuckin brownies taste?
    2.Can she roll a blunt?
  7. Whoaaaaa someone's got themselves a sexy, fun wife! :p
  8. LOL.... nice picture!!

  9. hilarious thread, 10/10
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    Guy decides to post half naked pictures of his wife on a pot forum, then gets all defensive when people post negative comments about it.  CLASSIC!  If you don't want negative attention, then don't post half naked pictures of your wife on a pot forum.  Pretty fuckin' simple.  Go on a swingers or voyeur forum for that.  Dumbass.
    And for the people saying "oh you CAN'T be married".  What makes you fuckers think that everyone wants to get married?  As if it's the only avenue of life to go down?  Silly, naive people.  You do understand that 1/2 of people that get married, get divorced as well?  Thanks, but no thanks, i like to keep my stuff. 
  11. your Lady RULES! my wife would never let me take pictures. much less post them on the internet... we do other fun things. we game together, we have alot of fun with our kids, shes alot better at CoD than I, but i'll smash her in GT5. 
  12. D: you all have such awesome relationships. I'm so jealous. Lol.
  13. For some reason, I seriously doubt the fact that you have 34D cups. I'm even doubting the fact that you're a girl after some of those comments..
  14. My girls the same way OP. Whenever she thinks her ass looks good she whips out the cam and asks me to take some booty shots and post em in the ass thread.
  15. It's funny that a mod deleted my picture when I posted it in the ass thread.

    And by funny I mean, not funny at all.
  16. Was your face showing?
  17. Nope. But I'll stop talking about if before I receive another infraction.
  18. you try her big tits for sagging but yours dont?
  19. Someone pack him a bowl

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    Cause I regret coming in this fucking thread you beast lover.  She's fucking gross.

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