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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by jsoickle, May 26, 2013.

  1. LOLOLOLOL, I'm going to put you in my pocket and keep you. Small boobies are awesome!

    BUT!!! OP loves his wife the way she is and that's awesome! :D can't believe how nasty some people can be. Be happy for the man, he's got a wife who makes HIM happy.
    awww.. shucks  ::blush::  kick a rock.  :p
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    she looks fat bro
    it's the same as a skinny dude having a 6 pack.
  4. So the fuck what? Why do you feel the need to point that out?
  5. Why do you have to be disrespectful just because you are a virgin, that's not ops fault...
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    baurman just got owned.
    Now troll please, go back under your bridge. Noone wants to see YOUR ugly face.

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    What are these boobs you speak of?
    Sweety, I've had boobs my entire life. I'm a 34 D, but this isn't a competition? My comment wasn't about boobs; your reply is irrelevant. Sure, she has tits, all women do. I was pointing out that the OP should have cropped out his wife's multiple chins. This had nothing to do with her tits. Her "milkers" probably go down to her waistline when released, who cares.
    OP wants to post a picture of his wifes tits, he shouldn't automatically assume everyone will swoon over the rest of her.
  8. DON"T MAKE FUN OF MY GF!!! She never cheats or gets fat or bitches. She makes me pot brownies too. My GF is a lefty :p
  9. Nobody said you had to look..

    Note to self: Really pound respect into my daughters, teach them not to speak if they have nothing nice to say.
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    I get it's the internet and anything anyone posts is fair game, but for you to feel the need to point this out makes you look like a judgemental douche. Didn't your mother ever teach you that if you have nothing nice to say not to open your mouth at all? So she has a double chin? So what? Does commenting on it make you feel better about your own avatar?
  11. I dont understand how people can be so negative n ignorant. Your wife is pretty OP.....dont listen to these people. Seems like you got an awesome wife
  12. not everyone is going to be a perfect super model my god lol. Insignificant flaws like that make us human. all that matters is that her husband finds her sexy :) when a man makes a woman feel loved and sexy she does awesome things like this for him! i can't wait until i can do something similar for my boyfriend.
    I was making a funny.   Apparently I'm hitting wide of the mark.  I just got chastised in another thread for exposing my funny bone.  I apologize if there is a misunderstanding of my intent.  It's just harmless fun... and a little too much Sativa.   
  14. i would bang OP's wife, virgins and haters just hating
  15. I don't have a wife, but if I had a wife like yours I would fun her all the time :p Nice catch OP. These punks don't know what a real woman is.
  16. The people criticizing are just insecure and want to make themselves feel better. Yeah you don't have to "swoon" over her but you don't have to shit on her either.
  17. The way i see it, they are just young and probably cant get laid. I have a sexy wife that makes me pot brownies and like to show her off. She will do things sexually that these critics only read about
  18. If they had better then they would post a pic of her. But i dont think they do
  19. Lol I'm young and can't get laid, im even insecure but I'm not a shitty human being so I don't hate on people I don't even know
  20. Lol! I second that.

    OP, how did those brownies taste?! I am jealous!!!

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