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fun with oregano

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by thedirtynasty, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. i filled up a old dime bag with oregano and went out to chill with some friends we all chipped in for a eighth and it was a long wait so while we where all talking on the street (not a busy nieghboorhood) one of my friends was riding his bike not looking and i chucked it at him and turned away like nothing happened he put in his pocket and didnt say anything about it lol later i was like yo you sure you dont got any weed im sure if i found weed randomly right now i would share it with you guys right now and he acted like he didnt pick it up so we got the eighth smoked it went home he probablly pulled it out opened it and then was like "YO WTF":confused:
  2. I don't understand what possessed you to make a dime bag of oregano and take it out with you.
  3. lolololololol
  4. it was for a practical joke simple as that
  5. So what your saying is your friend is a selfish prick who wouldn't share his weed? Or even tell you he has some? Even though it was oregano he didn't know that .
  6. ya i know those people have become a routine we can always scrounge up some dollars somewhere and we put it toghether its become almost routine were just kinda like you got 5 bucks you can join the getting weed group for the day and yes i do have real friends though they are into the anti-weed shit but theyll eventually realize something
  7. Sweet post dude.
  8. My friend came over to chill and then this dude called asking my friend for a dime bag. well this kid ripped him off before and my friend wanted to get back at him. so we got a bunch of weed stems together and glued oregano to the stems. then to make it smell like weed when we smoked we blew all the smoke into the bag. then when we met up with him we gave the bag to him and walked away and the retard never figured it out.
  9. someone sold this girl i know oregano... multiple times. i wouldn't rip anyone off like that, but she kinda deserves it for being dumb enough to go back asking for more lol
  10. haha thats hilarious man. +rep for scheming ur dumbass buddy. he prolly got home all like o man those guys dont even know i found this dime on the ground i cant wait to try this shit in my bong! *takes hit* "WTF this shit tastes like fuckin Italian food!!!"
  11. Haha good story/that reminds me. A few years ago I sold some kid lizard bedding and the next day he came up to me and was talking about "how high he got"

    Kinda shitty but the kid was a prick who was full of himself
  12. maybe your friend didnt wanna risk putting his friends in danger by letting them smoke ganj that was found on the street
  13. have you ever actually sprinkled oregano on a bowl pack?
    it makes it taste AMAZING
  14. Haha nah i feel like that would destroy your lungs
  15. Cool story brah

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