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  1. ive been wanting to make a list, contribute all that you feel is relaxing, fun, and exciting on LSD:

    1. Planet Earth (wow, the parts where they speed up the plants growing over a long period of time is mind-blowing)
    2. Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsy's
    3. the Velvet Underground & Nico
    4. The Beatles - An Illustrated History (Lyrics, and art book)
  2. the pink panther
  3. biking around listening to hendrix on your ipod.....

  4. yes. yes. yes. This man knows how to have fun.
  5. led zeppelin while bungee jumping
  6. the twilight zone
  7. riding is fun....

    got sent for the mission to night owl to get some more bulbs....yippie

    grabbed the ipod....blahblahblah blah

    riding bak with the bulbs jus cruising down a road no hander styles and the bat flew out of a tree and flew with me for around 100 m befor flying down a street jus befor my mates house..
  8. swimming
    chillin in bed with a blinder on, music on
    that 70's show (as long as you aren't too far down the rabbit hole, this show is fucked up tripping haha)
    rolling joints (or blunts)
    eating candy
    competitive baseball
    making faces in mirrors
    itunes visualizers

    all things i've done on acid that i find enjoyable
  9. new ones

    playing with shadows
    tossing cups
    road trips
    lake washington at night
  10. :laughing: LOL, yeah, pitching a no hitter is hard, but try doing it while tripping on acid!!:eek::p

  11. YES almost forgot about that

    good list by the way
  12. hiking around waterfalls
    smoking hookah in nature
    blasting shpongle from a pickup truck while everyone dances in the bed
    sts9 shows
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    plant earth, so good it needs to be repeated.
    lava lamp.
    xbox visualizer with music.
    camp fire.
    black light posters with black lights on.
    fantasia (movie).
    fear and loathing (movie).
    bike riding.
    grass (not weed, but like look at grass just wiggle while lying in a park to some nice tunes).
    pets (cats and dogs are preferable imo).
    drinking smoothies.
    music (hendrix, 1200 mics, floyd, ect).

    gathering of the vibes.:D.
  14. By far the best advice I've ever heard for acid is definitely watching Across The Universe.

    Trippy as fuck man.

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