Fun with a Zippo lighter.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by syntaxed_error, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. This can also be quite dangerous!

    Heh, once I was round with three other friends, we were smoking all night and at one point I got out my Zippo to light the bong, and we all had the great idea of lighting the Zippo then throwing it to someoneand then that person has to throw it to the next, and the object is to keep it alight.

    A good variation on the game, or a good way to get it started is to casually toss a lighted Zippo into your mate's lap and watch him roll about the place trying to get it while mashed.

    However, once someone threw it and it went behind the sofa, and there's four of us scrambling to get it out before we burn the house down.

    It was 10 minutes before we played that again...
  2. Ha, once my friends were doing the exact same thing... except it went into a pile of dirty laundry, which had them scrambling to get it out.

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