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Fun Way To Make Someone Trip Out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jasonm420, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Alright so my buddy called me on the phone last night and he was blazed af. and when people are blazed i ask em if there ok with trippin lol. he said yes so i start putting together a random, very vivid story that made him trip out and ended up freaking out and hanging up the phone. i texted him in the morning and he said it was awesome because hes never felt that high before. i was shocked lol. 
    the story went something like this
    ok your walking down the street, you see a hooker.
    she says if you suck her dick she will give u a doller,
    so you suck it and get your doller because u want a sweet tea from mcdonalds
    you goto mcdonalds and the same hooker is the cashier.
    you give the doller back to her and get the sweet tea.
    she says if you suck my pussy ill give u 5 dollers
    so you ask i thought u had a dick
    she said my pussy is in my asshole
    so you say alright ill do it
     you start to suck it and yo head gets sucked in and you remain traped in side the hooker.
    weeks go by and your still stuck, but since shes a hooker, shes pretty loose,
    so you have room to do what ever you want,
    you start to smoke a joint in her ass and you suddenly fall out.
    you were in there for 3 weeks.
    she hands you the five bucks and head on home.
    when you see another hooker.
    so my question is, who can beat this story to make someone trip out  :metal:
    BTW he wants to trip out again tonight

  2. your just a "stranger" to me ... :ey:
  3. Yeah, I don't understand how that would freak anyone out. It just sounds odd to me. I feel like people throw out the word "trip" and "trippin" in too many situations that don't merit said words use.
  4. Cancer
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  5. I don't like to trip people out and I don't like people fucking with me when I'm high. It's just not cool.
  6. My brother convinced me that Manuel Noriega was playing college baseball in china while I was totally blazed. What an
  7. This is OP.
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  8. he probably didn't trip you probably just gave him cancer telling him that.
  9. make ambient noises like echo noises or make deamon faces hide in the kitchen or in a room witht he lights off start spinning in circles  stand in the corner turn around real slowly n put red food coloring on your mouth eyes n shit  or hold a knife
  10. I stopped after "doller"
  11. Just walk into a darkened room. State fuck it. Flic your bic twice while holding it in a shooters stance. :smoke:
  12. Here's a fun way to make someone trip the fuck out, shit themselves, etc. etc.
    One time I was at a party with a bunch of people who I didn't know too well, but they were all great friends. So I was standing, just chilling and talking to someone and he asks me, "Hey man, do you know what we do to the new guys?" as he says that another guy stands up and walks up to the conversation, and asks, "Should we show him man?", and by this point I'm completely confused as to what in the hell was going on and I was high as shit and could feel my heart rate going up, fight or flight was kicking in hardcore.
    These two keep getting closer and closer like they are going to beat my ass and they end up going...
    "We shower them with love!!!!" and gave me the hugest fucking hug one could give. I was so fucking relieved!
  13. haha guys this is supposed to be over the phone, so a knife in a kitchen wont help me very much...
    plus ik its wierd af, but then again i never said we were burning weed... so yea we were trippin, like walking on the ceiling while trying to figure out how to travel to the moon.

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