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Fun, try it.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smoke da weed, May 26, 2009.

  1. So I can make this a long story or a short one so I will do both:

    long version:
    I just smoked a nice big bowl of kief covered deez and am stoned off my ass.

    short version:
    I just smoked some bud and am high.

    So anyways, listening to music while blitzed is always fun as the music sounds better and just all of that. So anyways I am listening to music and the earbud in my ear is tickling my eardrum. I suggest everyone that is high with earbuds and music right now to try it. The volume doesn't have to be loud but the music is tickling the inside of my ear and I decided to share this with my fellow stonies.
  2. cool man, no one cares tho.
  3. dude, u hella just wanted to say earBUDS. :smoking:

  4. I am just trying to share a cool experience that I suggest people try out. Yeah aha earbuds.
  5. Wow...who the fuck doesnt listen to music while high???
  6. hahah i know exactly what you are talking about
  7. its gotta be Bone Thugs n Harmony

  8. Not just listening, put in earbuds. Have the music literally in your ears, and you will feel the music tickling your ears, trust me man.
  9. I think Seasoned Tokers and probably even new tokers are well aware of this already.
  10. that beer in your avatar looks fucking deeeeeeeelicious

    /off-topic post
  11. If you want a crazy experience high lol, turn the lights off/down, sit back, and listen to teardrop by Newton Faulker. I swear, at the climax of the song, I actually had a religious experience :-D
  12. tight you made a thread on a pot smoking forum about smoking a bowl and titled it "fun, try it".
    smmmmarrrtttt, well i guess that just means you got good bud lol
  13. Sorry guys if this was an unnecessary post, but I was totally stoned and my first thought while bumping some music getting my ear tickled was to post about it.

    Time to re-light, gotta hate burnout unless it's the game.
  14. your long story isnt much longer then the short one.
  15. I'm sorry to offend you, but if you think his beer looks delicious you've never seen a really delicious beer before. look at this german quality work:


    don't you just want to have that stuff going down your throat? i bet you want to!

    sorry for offtopic though.
  16. quoted for offtopic excellence

  17. Now thats looks mighty fine there sir, but you can't top this shit.


    :D:D Sorry for the off-topic
  18. for some reason I found this post extremely funny
  19. imo the long version is short enough to where you dont need a short version

    but who knows that jus my opinion

  20. thank you so much. That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

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