fun times with my dumb cousin

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bluntman209, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. alrite so this is my first post :hello: :hello:
    so back to my story... me and my cousin are outside smoking weed and i punched him and he says it didn't hurt so in his high mind he decided to punch himself in the face 5 times.

    me and my cousin are outside smoking weed and he punches himself in the face 5x because hes a dumb ass and weed makes it funnier. weed
  2. Are you sure the kid wasn't on ecstasy?
  3. Are you sure the kid wasn't sucking penis?
  4. Are you sure the kid isnt a cock sucker faggot who loves to beat off to two dudes one cup? yes it exists....
  5. When I'm high I still feel pain...
  6. Sounds like that kid is an idiot.

    Also sounds like he's 13-15
  7. LOL dumb young child fails.
  8. No he was just on weed...he's a dumb ass and yes he does suck dick lol
  9. Sounds like op and cousin are underage.
  10. The amount of stupid, pointless, underage fucking threads on grasscity the past few months really astonishes me. Come back in like 3 years kiddo.
  11. I'm 18 cousin is 16 like I said he's a dumbass

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