Fun times with Green Harvest.

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  1. Whats up GC, I was just thinking about some encounters I had with green

    harvest, and figured why not make a thread so everyone can post their stories

    too (someone probably already did this lol, if so oh well)

    So my first story takes place at my local forest reserve, me and my buddy

    were just cruizing it loading bowls just chilling. The spot we were at looks over

    a gulch with a small grassy hill on it. After many bowls we started hearing a

    helicopter approach, we figured it was nothing so we ignored it. Then the

    noise got super loud like it was right over us. I looked at the grassy hill in

    front of us, and those fuckers land their heli right on it, THREE guys jump

    out and start struggling to rip up a plant that looked super small. Not only

    that but the plant looked super schwaggy and brown even, but non the less,

    they took it and got the fuck out of there. Me and my friend just started

    laughing that they would even attempt to rip up such a shitty looking plant.

    One time I was gardening and see a helicopter land in my neighbors yard, I

    go investigate and it had landed right by their greenhouse, three guys were

    trying to bust the fuck in there when my neighbor comes out of his house

    and yells at them for about 10 minutes, then they leave without entering the

    greenhouse. Turns out my neighbor only had tomatoes growing in the

    greenhouse, and green harvest completely wasted their time.

    The DEA are a fucking joke, what do they do to better society? except for

    invading our privacy and ripping up our hard work. It costs a ridiculous

    amount of money to keep those choppers running, and thats just the

    maintenance, the fuel they use is also super expensive. Fuck Green Harvest.
  2. does no one have any green harvest encounters? lol
  3. what the fuck is Green Harvest
  4. ^your joking right
  5. googled it, some grocery stores and shit came up

    so I reiterate

    what the fuck is Green Harvest

    edit: this came up but it looks like a good thing...?
  6. wow your serious, I havent met someone who doesn't know what it is in my life lol.

    If my post wasnt evidence enough for you, green harvest are DEA agents who fly in helicopters and jack people weed plants.

    im amazed that it didn't come up in a google search
  7. Yea, my friend grows, good smelly you know how it should be. Chillin smoking bowls when cops knock on the door and ask to see the backyard because the people next door called the cops. Couldnt do anything cuz of 215 etcc. But the fact that the pigs came to friends house and haseled me and friend is lame. Its just a plant, if your going to arrest people for growing plants then arrest 99% of the people. F pigs, if i could press a button and kill one trust me i would do it

  8. green harvest - Google Search


    And we don't have that shit here. That kinda sucks that they fly the birds in for grows

  9. you're kind of a dick then, because cops have ample opportunity to end or fuck up your life every single day if they feel like it. but they don't.

    cops are people too brah
  10. lol wherever you live the people are extremely lucky then.

    You can't understand how terrible it is growing plants and having them jack them up, they literally fly every day 4 or 5 times a day searching for their next theft.

    They are government funded criminals. A private army bought by the government, who did some terrible things before we bought them, to "help" us with out drug "problem"
  11. the people I'm talking about are NOT cops, they are DEA. Completely different.
  12. Then naw, i never delt with DEA then. Sucks you had too though
  13. If you met me I don't think you would call me a dick at all. Im a chillin person:smoke:. But I have really a strong hatrid tward them, almost like a raciest would. Dude, life just kinda pisses me off. If you did half the research I did about government etc you would hate a lot of things my friend.
  14. do ANY of you have DEA helicopters patrolling for ganja where you live?? Because its a regular thing here, and maaaany other states in america.
  15. where do you live man?
  16. Maui, hawaii.

  17. you sure that's not a hawaii thing?
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  19. I guess hawaii is heavily green harvest infested- except for the big island.

    But im sure that they fly in other states, im positive.
  20. Yup! Rajah BI is shut-d on the green harvest. Dats how i get my fem outside hit up my post for pics.

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