Fun things to do with a pet mouse.

Discussion in 'General' started by mem, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. I bought a little white mouse yesterday. He\'s about as big as my thumb, and he\'s actually pretty clever. My two housecats are very intrigued by him, too ;)

    Can anyone suggest some fun things to do with a pet mouse?
  2. I can only imagine where this thread is going to go...

    but maybe get hime a little gerbal ball thing to run in, and spin him around?? sounds like fun
  3. put him in the bong where the ice goes.. no don\'t do that, that would be fucked up.

  4. Make him a mouse sized bong.
  5. No better fun than to let it run up your buddies pants leg, and take bets on what word will be the first thing they scream. I get odds on \"holy fuckin\' shit\", thats usually first.
  6. Feed it to your pet snake?

  7. ha ha , you got some good shit up in your head Al..


  8. HAha, I was gonna say \" Get a pet snake\"

    Damnnn you!
  9. try what Mr. Garrison did to Mr. Slave in the Lemmiwinks episode of South Park.
  10. make him a cardboard maze- place a treat in the center and watch him go.

    Mice are pretty smart.
  11. I was gonna get a mouse but supposabely they get really stinky. No thanks. Besides smell they are pretty sweet. I\'d say just take him out and throw him up in the air then catch him. But make sure you catch him.
    At first practice over a bed. Then take him outside and wow your friends with the mouse you can throw 10 feet into the air and then catch with ease.
  12. why would you buy a mouse? come to my house im passin them shits out for free and shooting the rest with my 22. bird shots
  13. O yea, I\'m sure the little guy would love that so much.

  14. what ever you do, remember he is a living being just like yourself. treat him accordingly. mice are so cute! i was going to get one, but then i met a sugar glider named lucy and decided sugar gliders were the pets for me.
  15. wtf is a sugar glider. weed is my pet.
  16. find a nice sized box..poke a big whole in the top..blow a shotgun into the box with your mouse inside..leave it on for a few seconds..let it off..

    this is not inhumane..scientists do it worse to them

  17. Idk if getting one high would even be fun. They would, like, go run some circles then eat then go to bed.
  18. Well..a buddy does it to his gerbil all the time. He would snuggle up on his sholder and relax..mad chill is herbert the sherbert girlbil..

    He loved that box.
  19. that\'s bomb diggity. I wish i could have a pet that would do ish like that.

    To Herbert, i salute you lil nickle :hello:
  20. Some of you people are real asses.... that stuff isnt even funny.

    The shotgun idea sounds good. Just make sure you don\'t keep the hit in to long and hurt him.
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