Fun Things To Do With A Body High?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jelly Kush, May 11, 2011.

  1. Other than sit on your couch and relax what are some other things you like to do after smoking some nice indica?
  2. Pooping is pretty fun, try pooping.
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  4. I like to play call of duty then imagining it was real like if I die I would die for real lol.
  5. Dance with techno.
  6. sky dive into a jaccuzi, and take a shit while playing cod with techno music playing.
  7. No ones said masturbate yet? DEAR GOD.
  8. You "beat" me to it ;) lol get it?
  9. I do, quite a "stroke" of genius you have there. :rolleyes:
  10. You "came" too late. Zing
  11. oo snap you made a funny, LOL

  12. I liked way too much stuff in hurr
  13. lmfao wtf.

    When I play video games baked, I get way too into it, and forget im high.

  14. same here. i dont waste highs on video games anymore, unless i'm smoking someone elses weed.
  15. Throw yourself in some water.

    Or pet super furry animals.
  16. oh my god take me WITH YOU!

    ...i must go this year, please tell me, how much does a typical tyicket cost? (too lazy to google it...ya..)
  17. Shove a stick up your butthole.

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