Fun things to do while high...

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  1. I FUCKING hate munching on junk
    always feel like shit when the high wears off

  2. it is cool, the best time to go hiking through the woods is like an hr or 2 before sundown, the colors are just more beautiful
  3. This is all stuff that I've done:

    GO FOR A WALK: Yesterday I smoked one bowl and walked the darkened streets with my headphones in listening to Adept on full blast. After about half an hour, I walked into a few people that I don't really talk to at school, but me and them had a decent conversation for a few minutes and then I walked off to smoke another bowl. After about an hour, the power in my small town went out because of how bad the snow hit us. It was really scary for me since I was completely fucked up. I got scared and ran home. But it was a fun adventure. :D

    FIND CREATIVE WAYS TO SMOKE: If you're really creative when you're high, then look for other ways to smoke other than bongs, pipes, or joints. I was once so high that I made a fist, turned it so that my knuckles faced me, and i put some herb where my pinky touched my palm, put my mouth on the other end of my fist, leaned back, lit carefully, and inhaled. I burned myself a little but I surprisingly got a pretty good hit out of it.

    EAT SOME GOLDFISH: Mostly any food in your house will work really. But goldfish is by far the best thing I have ever eaten whilst stoned.

    PLAY WITH YOUR PET: I love to play with my guinea pig while I'm stoned. He makes me laugh so hard it's out of control. And my dog has such a funny look and personality, I can't not mess with him. Just make sure you don't try to get your pet stoned. A one hitter to you could be enough to kill them. Hahaha :smoking:

    TRY TO GET AWAY WITH BEING STONED IN PUBLIC: If you like to live dangerously, get completely fucked up and then go to school, work, shopping... Haven't done shopping yet... Just don't have anything on you while you're in public or you could get into some trouble.

    PLAY A VIDEO GAME: I don't really do this as much because staring at a screen in general kind of makes me forget that I'm high and it kind of kills it for me. But it's kind of fun I guess.

    ALL OF THE ABOVE WITH FRIENDS: Being stoned with your friends makes everything listed above 20 times better. Going for walks especially. Yesterday would have been so awesome if my friends were in town. :)
  4. Take advantage of your artistry skills while under the influence and just start drawing, painting, writing, etc whatever that your creativity puts your mind onto.
  5. I don't smoke anymore...but when I did and I was indoors I love video games. Usually ones where I could just do what the fuck I wanted. Like Red Dead Redemption.

    But I prefer to be outside

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  6. this is such an old thread lol i just wanted to suggest going into the woods with a friend and pretending like you're on man vs wild. its absolutely amazing and after litterally 2 minutes you forget that you're pretending
  7. Play oldschool board games, like cluedo. Last time, I could't leave the dining room, always ended up there...
  8. Me and my friends sit on this bridge in the woods all day, smoke, listen to music and enjoy being outside, it's the shit and it never gets boring
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  9. I go deer hunting and smoke. I use a bow. Nothing in this world is more enjoyable to me. Then I get to eat some tasty tenderloin after!

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  10. 1 beat your meat

    2. Choke your chicken

    3. Play tug of war with your one eyed yogurt squirter


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  11. Play sports or ride your bike. The adrenaline is unreal. Also, do what you'd usually do and you'll just be living your life enhanced.

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