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  1. [quote name='"Leo"']Besides putting on headphones and listening to Floyd, what are fun things to do while you're high on pot?[/quote]

    Go to anger management class! Lol im doing this as we speak :D
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    1) Have a BBQ

    2) Go camping

    3) Go for a bike ride :hello:- this one is a favourite of mine. There is nothing better than wizzing round the countryside taking in all the views whilst high.

    4) go to an art gallery - the bigger and more unusual the exhibition the better

    5) go to a theme park.
  3. Playing pool is great while high.
  4. Fishing. It's very peaceful.

    In fact I'm about to go back out now.
  5. bodyboard or surf...but my board broke :'(
  6. [quote name='"MAkeItLEGAl"']i agree with mmkay, WOW stoned is so fuckin awesome; and sof2 is good too. other things i do: cosmic bowling (like bowling w/ lights off, and blacklights on, craziness), movies, and go to white castle.[/quote]

    I really wish I smoked when I played wow. I had a baller Tauren shaman. Got pretty far in icc.
  7. Well, many people don't know this, but in itunes if you play a song, and hit control + T, a trippy visualizer comes up, and you can trip balls to your favorite songs. I also talk to people, play with my dogs, read treecomics, watch tv, and other stuff. But whats great to do is walk in the woods. Nature when you're high is so amazing, there's just no other way to see it as beautiful as it is when you let THC assist you.
  8. Well last night while totally faded me and my friend set up a tent and built a fire and tented it last night. We smoked about 4 more times that night and we became much closer friends. No homo.
  9. Listen to Bob

  10. [​IMG]
    Bob Hope?
  11. Play the I game. Best Game Ever when you're high! Rules are simple:
    1.You take in circle and in clockwise, everyone says I.
    2. When someone brakes and starts to laught, He will get another word. Like: I am; I suck; I fuck or something like that
    3. Now when its again his turn he has to say both words.
    Enjoy :)
  12. Go to a bar
    Play pool or foosball
    Listen to music in my car whilst on a mission
    Smoke cigs
    Drink milkshakes
    Play guitar/clarinet
    Go for a walk
    Go to the gym
  13. that sounds fucking awesome im gonna have to try that
  14. *I tried that out yesterday, I was blazed up and I guess my Imagination made it seem like everyone I saw was also high. Then I thot that given the simple likelihood that 20% of the adults were high was reasonable b/c USA population has 20% cannabis users. Whoaaa was I high.
  15. -Go for a walk with an iPod
    - Play basketball
    - Whack it
    - Drive anywhere
    - Play video games
    - Play with fire
    - Anything you do sober
  16. Pretty much anything haha
    I like to smoke right after the gym to relax but ive come to the conclusion my cardio is 10x better stones
    Love playing with my dog sober stoned is just the time for me idont really have an order but thats probably number 1.
    Video games are fun but i used to be way more into them a couple years back.
    Tv depending whats on i love interesting science shows. British top gear is probably the best show on tv
    Chillin with your boys is up there thats always the time.
    Sports, shootin hoops is fun i wanna try paintball stoned but havnt gone in a while.
    Going for hikes which kinda falls under the playing with my dog category cause she always comes too.
    I work in a reasturant and prepping food stoned is pretty fun. Cooking is too but if it gets too busy being high doesny nessicarly help haha
    Driving! Well if your car is fun
    When i was in school i actually got hw done while stoned =D
    Cleaning with music on nd you get shit done
    Things i dont like: texting lol im so bad at it stoned i just stare at the screen like durrrr then give up like not important atttt all.
    Just about the only thing i dont like haha oh and munching on junk food. Its so hard not to!!!!

  17. if you feel bad for killing a worm while high, imagine watching your lovable, cute border collie destroy a little kitten right before your eyes at night while walking her outside and smoking a joint, and being so stoned and shocked you just dont know what the fuck to do...

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