Fun things to do while high...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Leo, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. ^^^ uhhhhh..... can you help me get to where you live? lol
  2. [quote name='"Thekidthatshigh"']

    They just upened this place by me and all the walls and floor are trampalines[/quote]

    They opened one of those places where I used to work in Clermont, FL.

    That would be crazy
  3. [quote name='"DojaCFR"']

    They opened one of those places where I used to work in Clermont, FL.

    That would be crazy[/quote]

    Is it called airheads
  4. lickin on titties.. probobly #1.
  5. [quote name='"Thekidthatshigh"']

    Is it called airheads[/quote]

    In clermont? No I don't think so, where do u live? U live in florida?
  6. What the fuck is goin on here? I'm stoned
  7. What the fuck is goin on here? I'm stoned
  8. seems like most of these "crazy stoner stories" are mostly just admitting that you have a low tolerance...just saying. when i'm smoking every day, i usually think most random daily situations are trippy to an extent. sometimes weird things happen, i do admit. craziest for me though is when i haven't smoked for like an extended period of time and I take a huge bong snap of some homegrown fire. can possibly give me anxiety, has before. strong stuff =]
  9. Haha old thread!
  10. Anything . . Ha but my fav is gedn laid
  11. depends, i usually smoke with friends, and whatever happens, happens with that shit.

    but on the rare occasion i smoke alone, its nothing but epic munchies and xbox dude. like, i had the mad munchies my first time, but now i dont feel crazy hungry like i used to. but once i start eating, i cant stop.

  12. thats everybodys favorite dude.
  13. Eat various things
  14. besides the obvious (eating, relaxing, fucking, gaming, jamming )...glowsticking.

    so fucking epic, I like fell in love with this (just another thing that being introduced to dubstep has made me appreciate)
  15. i like
    listen to music
    stream youtube just fall on funny stuff
    play any kind of video game
    smoke more
    roll crazy joints anyway possible
    read comic books or manga like dragonball or whatever you like
    i like to go on funny stuff
    play guitar(or any other instrument u play)
    watch stuff like south park family guy futurama
    i like to find instrumentals and listen to them mixed up with any other acapella i find sweet
    if with friends u can prank call ppl (alone would be kinda dumb)
    you can try to make bongs out of stuff like fruit or vegetables haha
  16. anything your good at is fantastic

  17. omg that happened to me all the time but then i just spent all my money on bud so i didnt have to worrry about spending it
  18. Watching old shows that are pretty funny (MTV Boiling Points, Scare Tactics, etc.), eating a lot, listening to music, and browsing GC.
  19. Shoot paintballs
  20. Watch King of the Hill. Cracks me up every time.

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