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Fun things to do while high by yourself

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by joe123, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. well im going away to my mothers for 2 weeks ( my parents are divorced so they dont live together) and my mom and i are buying 2 ozs (yes i smoke with my mom) and i wont be with any of my friends for a 2 weeks so what are some fun things to do high by yourself.?
  2. masterbate is always a option. jk but seriously

    watch kindergarden cop
    fold laundry
    puppet show
    anything u want i guess
  3. why not just chill out with your mom since she smokes too
  4. o i will but she goes to sleep at like 10-11ish but im just wondering if anyone has any ideas to make my time very enjoyable also jw what are some realy funny pot head movies that i should buy before i drive to pittsburgh lol( were my mom lives )
  5. video games, eating, movies, exercising, music, playing guitar, texting girls, etc
  6. welll i do have xbox and i could bring my guitar up.... thx man lol mabye take me and her to the dirt bike place and bring my dirt bike up for some fun lol but i dont have a trailer....i gues i can rent one.
  7. Build a model airplane:

  8. some good weed movies are

    pineapple express
    half baked
    dazed and confused
    how high
    harold and kumar
  9. thx ive sceen acouple of them but still ill get dazed and confused and how high thx bro.
  10. that is by far the best fucking model airplane i have ever laid my eyes upon!
  11. I know you can cough up a lung but laugh a up lung? Godamn that was funny.
  12. haha who the fuck can catch 4 flys let alone glue them all to a single match? :confused:
  13. Haha, I'm not even bored or alone and I want to do this right now!

    OP, run in a circle as hard as you can until you pass out. And, then just sleep. Because, when you're asleep there's no lonely times, just dreams.
  14. I'll be fucked if someone can do that whilst high.
  15. I can spend hours playing games on my cell phone. I've got texas hold em, scabble, bejeweled, and tetris. I know that sounds kinda lame, but I'm at work by myself most of the day, usually high.

  16. yoo dazed and confused best movie ever!!!

    when pink pulls out his belt buckle pipe....i want it sooo bad:hello:
  17. lol i saw the airplane thing last night and didnt notice the flys lol mad funy.
  18. i know that fly plane is supposed to be a joke, but does it actually work, it looks bad ass.
  19. Light this bitch on fire, and we have a deal.
  20. if someone does it....record that shit

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