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Fun Things To Do When Stoned?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoner_joe, May 5, 2014.

  1. Getting a tens tomorrow, but smoking is getting a little boring! All we do is sit down, smoke it and just walk around all day XD
    What are some super-fun things to do after smoking a nice fat J?
    Peace guys

  2. I just listen to music or beat off when I'm alone. Obviously can't do the last thing with others. If I'm with others we just walk around and laugh at everything. Everything is entertaining when your stoned.

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  3. Listen to music, freestyle, make fun of shit, talk about the government and all the worlds problems, play some Nazi Zombies, watch a movie, beat your meat, help beat your friends meat, go on youtube and watch a bunch of trippy videos, troll on the internet, make stuff, go to the mall for the fuck of it, make edibles, do other drugs that's not meth, heroine, or crack, break shit and rebuild it, day dream, try lucid dreaming or astral projecting, drive around in the ghetto, drive around in the rich neighborhoods, drive on the highway because its fun driving fast, work out (you'll feel so much better after), experiment with things. Idk man there's a lot you can do but then again there isn't.
  4. Today I've been listening to this Fear Factory album while smoking J's, it's really excellent
  5. Fun things to do after smoking would have to be... Be high!
  6. Just sit back, listen to your favorite music and chill.
  7. Frolf, go see a movie, listen to music, play video games, hell play a sport you all like, I love playing basketball blazed even though I suck!
  8. Definitely music, video games, movies, tv shows, walking, masturbating (if your with friends maybe not xD), playing a musical instrument, riding a bike, longboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding. Honestly just do what you love while sober, and its 10x more enjoyable lol. Stay faded :smoking:
  9. This thread pops up every month aha.. don't worry I've made one before too ;)
    Watch Futurama, South Park or American Dad, or browse grasscity.. it's pretty fun if you find good threads.
    If you have a dog walk it, or take a walk to the park and call up some friends to smoke/hangout with.
    Play Xbox, preferably GTA V or Black Ops 1
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  10. play cards! duh 
    more specifically cards against humanity
    google it
    put some ink in your printer
    and print that shit out!

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