fun things to do stoned alone at home

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  1. So I'm stuck at home today and would like to get stoned but I just don't know what to do. Can you guys give me some fun ideas of things to do while stoned? You should know I live on an acreage in the middle of no where so any city activities are out.
  2. Listen to music, watch some stand up comedy routines (George Carlin is a good one) if you have any hobbies like painting, engage in some of that or playing video games also works. Contemplating the meaning of life can be pretty good as well.
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    Twiddle your bean in a field, make a ramp and jump your bike off it, shoot bows n' arrows.
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  4. I'm with this guy. Be..cum.... one with nature. Leave your mark on a tree, then throw yourself into a paranoid state wondering if a drone caught you on video and you'll be the next Internet sensation.

    I'm a gamer so I like to get on my alternate accounts and play online with lower ranked players and teach them the ways of the flick shot or the wombo combo (depending on the game).

    Here are some others.

    Watch a movie
    Draw, paint or be artsy
    I like to finish projects such as worKing on the car
    Google things like Cowspriacy or The Zeitgeist.

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  5. Thanks for the ideas so far! I should mention I'm a girl I think lol
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  6. Oops...sorry, I edited my suggestion to fit your gender.
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  7. Everything still applies haha.

    my girlfriend likes to paint when she is lit. Or clean, I appreciate that one but it doesn't sound fun.

    Do you have any animals? Spending quality high time with my dog is fun. I feel like he is just my best friend and I learn a lot about him, too.

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  8. get ripped and go outside, sounds like u got a nice little chunk of land.
  9. Plot World domination with the aid of my trusty dragon, make modifications to My World Domination Cargo Class Pirate Ship with Two Rainbow Sails and 200 Cannon, draw a bunch of squiggly lines on my map, predict ocean conditions...Typical day.

    It is in my blood to rule you.:coolalt:
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  10. 100% this.

    I'll be sending over my diagrams of wind currents infused with airborne cannabis and sugary sweets.

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  11. listen to this forsure.

    then watch this guy cos hes halirous

  12. Watch some sci-fi, Dr. Who: that's my favorite activity stoned. Now I'm on a WWII kick, when you're stoned you can feel what each person is going through. Amazeballs.
  13. I like to go sit outside and read or just lay there or do yoga. Especially if you're in an open field. That way if you do Pilates or anything then nobody will hear how loud you are jumping or how embarrassing some of the moves are. always cuddle with my dogs. Or in an open field you can take awesome pictures or ideas for painting. Diy projects, eat, and weird tv shows. Meditate.

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  14. Pretending is the best thought exercise to make being alone not feel so lonely. Acting is my next suggestion.

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