Fun things to do on DXM

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  1. Trippin on DXM for the second time tomorrow night, and first time for my buddy. What are some fun things to do while on it? I already know about listening to music/watching trippy shit, and if thats the only things you can think of, then post some stuff to listen/watch

    Happy toking GC.
  2. The search button isn't there just for shits and giggles my friend :rolleyes:
  3. Fair enough, was mid post and thought about turning back... But I persevered with the results you see here... off to the search function I suppose.
  4. Imo, watching videos or tv would bring you back to reality on DXM. DXM is a dissociative and is supposed to make you feel like your mind and body are separate entities. Well at least thats what it did for me. I know that a lot of people say its really stupid to go to a public place on DXM, but I thought it was really fun. I went to the mall with one of my friends, visited random stores (we went to victoria's secret unconciously lol), looked all around me because everything seemed trippy, and just laughed hysterically about how we had no idea wtf was going on. At one point we went to Macy's and couldn't find the exit so my friend went up to this random guy and said, "Hi, how do we get out of here?" It was really fun, except towards the end i started to get really panicky. You should try it instead of just chilling at your house or your friend's house.
  5. I only tried dxm for the first time this past weekend, but I was so gone I couldnt physically do really anything. Listening to music in a dark room though was amazing though so I highly recommend some trippy music like spongle, sts9, infected mushroom, and similar styles.
  6. Roll around in the grass. Or just roll on the floor. I can't even explain how insane it feels.

    Personally, whenever I do DXM, I end up so out of it that I don't want to move and my mouth goes numb so I can't talk, but I usually take 500mg or so, and I weigh 90 pounds.

    The usual sitting in a dim/dark room too. Especially if you go from a pitch black room and you open a door and then there's light. I can't really explain it, but it's like seeing quadruple or something.
  7. Shpongle-chucumba lay on your bed in a semi-dark room and close your eyes and let the music take your mind to another world.
  8. get a strobe light and buckethead sit in a dark room and turn on the light every twenty minutes or so. buckethead is INTENSE when you are spun on DXM
  9. Just listen to some good music.
  10. Trying not to lose my mind was always fun to me.
  11. Someone said it before me, but rolling around on the ground or body spazzing on dxm can be better than sex lmao. test your new cat like reflexes and see how agile you can get.

    and after all the physical funs are done, close out the trip in a sealed (no windows) pitch black room perhaps quiet music. i always loved the CEV's towards the end.
  12. Misc420 Re: Fun things to do on DXM
    \t\tTrying not to lose my mind was always fun to me.

    ^ my sentiments exactly. I used to have binges with it and it can make you feel spacey as a motherfucker.

    BUT. if you really want to have an adventure. drink that shit and go to school hah (if youre still in school). I tripped my ass off at school one time. We had an assembly and I thought we were in a cave and when it was over I couldn't even walk back to my class I was so fucked up. Doing it in public places, such as a school, is a juxtaposition. This, for me atleast, always makes it more fun and exciting and makes you realize how gone you really are haha. Just be careful not to drink too much. I did one time and it wasn't fun at all.
  13. Fun things to do on DXM:

    1) Try not to get Olney's lesions.
    2) Smoke weed.
    3) Smoke cigarettes.
    4) MUSIC!!! (I am really big into the rave and EDM scene, so that's my fav)
    5) Light up toys.
  14. Seriously, how about you try to do some research. The whole DXM-Olney's Lesions connection was proven false years ago.

    No need to spread misinformation.
  15. This is true.

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