Fun things to do for FREE or close to it

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  1. Summer's here. Time for some fun. I'm pretty broke though, and probably will be all summer. I'm looking for some suggestions for good things to do for free, or atleast a low price.

    Here's some good things I like to do...

    Climb a mountain
    Tennis/basketball/wiffle ball/any sport pretty much
    Go to the beach
    Have a BBQ with some friends
    Explore a city (Boston :) )
    Have sex:ey:
    Camping out in the woods with some friends

    I'll probably think of more. But use this thread to discuss any fun things to do for free or good times that you had in the past without spending much money.
  2. i tell what's not free-- weed.

  3. Oh yes it is....;):p
    All ya need is some water, a sunny spot, and the work ethic.
  4. Take a walk
    go skateboard
    get girls phone numbers
    get blow jobs
    grow weed
  5. Bonfires at night time
    Jamming with some friends (if your a musician)
    Walking the dog if you have one
  6. Go on a killing spree.
  7. LMAO is it just me or is it not funny how casually he said this.??

    Steal apples from trees
    Walk around
    Throw stuff at stuff:rolleyes:
    Piss on peoples doors
    Piss in peoples cars
    Piss in a water bottle and then open it and throw it at cars driving
    Throw poop at little kids
    make a bomb
    make a bong
    make meth
    jack off
    jizz on someones books
    wipe ur ass on a white car
    go to jail
  8. Nothing is free ;)
  9. Masturbate
    Read a book
    Lay in a hammock
    Listen to music
    Ride a bike
    Take a hike
    Do something you like
    Catch a pike
    Study some psych
    Chat it up with Mike
    Eat a Klondike
  10. Best option I've heard yet...
  11. go disc golfing/frolfing :D
  12. Definitely sounds like a good idea to me:hello:
  13. made me laugh multiple times

  14. Masturbate to homosexual pornography whilst eating a biscuit.
  15. poop next to the toilet
  16. Mix a shitload of ingredients from your kitchen and come up with a new food invention.
  17. dig a hole
  18. dig your own hole
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    dig me a hole

    or tuck the bottoms of your boxers into the waist band and make bikini briefs
  20. then fill your hole with whatever you feel like

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