Fun things to do at work?

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  1. Hey guys

    We all do stuff at work/school to pass the time, so what do you guys do?
    I do exactly the same thing they do in workaholics for my job so it's pretty easy to fuck around

    What about you guys?
  2. GC app and sit around.
  3. GC, flirt and joke around/use a ton of sarcasm with people
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    At my current job i have zero time for anything other than work, which is kind of fun in it's own right since it passes by fast and i come home feeling good about myself..I hate those slow days at work when you get home and don't even feel like smokin a bowl cause there wasn't alot of work..

    But at my first job we used to shoot the valves off 20, 30, 40 and 50 lbs. bottles of propane, we would just put a little bit of propane into an empty bottle, pry the valve to the point of it blowing off and hoooolllyyyy fuuuuccckkk. The best was the propane just evaperating into thin air after freezing anything it touches once leaking out of the bottle, one of the coolest things ever. We did also shoot 2 100 lb valves off once and all i have to say is that the second time we did it, both me and my buddy didn't get propane burns covering our faces hahaha, the valves had a huge stem attached to the bottom of it so when the valve would fly out, it would catch the end of the thread and the valve would pivot and go any fucking direction it dumb.

    The other thing we did was fill up plastic 500 ML water bottles up to the first little line thing with propane and then close the lid and whenever you would throw them once it made hard enough contact to shatter the plastic bottle (Freezes fuckin ANYTHING it touches, ridicilous chemical) it would make a loud sound like twice as loud as any standard pistol firing.

    We did ALOT of other shit too but i don't know how much of it i can talk about lol, so ill let u feast on that for now i guess.

    And yes, we did have propane plastic bomb wars once lol, we each had 10 bottles and at one point the battle went inside the buildining lobbing one of them back n fourth at eachother because it wouldnt go off.
  5. I eat ice cream. I draw, I talk to people or go in the bathroom and loaf until someone else needs to use it..

  6. i always thought Art Vandalay was an architect... or a marine biologist at one point :cool:
  7. always have been a firm believer in when your at work, you're there to work. Not only makes production better, makes the day go by quicker. For those who are lazy, others have to pick up your slack which isn't right. At school people should pay attention because for what they don't learn on free public education, chances are in college they will pay to be taught again.
  8. My favorite has to be sleep
  9. i have probably successfully trolled everyone at my work which makes it pretty fun i guess

  10. Good thinking. One ill timed trip from your boss and you don't have to worry about getting extra assignments dropped off to you again. lol
  11. Every shift I work with my friend Kendrick we'll both buy a bag of gummy bears, and throw and catch them in our mouths. We're actually really good, pretty impressive. We can do ceiling shots, bounce shots, walking shots, reverse shots, etc.
  12. actually work, get the job done so i can get the fuck home and smoke weed?
  13. me and my buddies at work chill and talk, go take breaks and get baked, just a lot of light hearted fun conversations..

    flirt with the good looking girls, i straight up asked my (hot) manager if she wanted the D yesterday, she said yea hahahaha

    work is going well.. :smoke:
  14. Me and my manager play water pong when we are bored. We use ice cubes instead of ping pong balls and just go hard on that. If its really slow we go out back and smoke up.
  15. Cum in yoour co worker coffee and watch them drink it
  16. talk shit about everything, drink red bull, put a dip in, swig the whiskey flask, spit on the ground, and repeat.
  17. Sit on GC when I have down-time, lol.

    Or lurk around the customers in hopes of getting a tip.
    The other day some dude tipped me $10 to hold up his truck canopy while he washed out the inside and then help him put it back on.

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