fun thing to do blazed

Discussion in 'General' started by DJchronic2, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. go to and mess around with it for awhile,its so fun to play when your baked.
  2. i have those skullcandys man.

  3. same, i stole a pair of those from F.Y.E. they came with a case tht i store bud in now
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    haha i got those too, recently somehow the earbud inserts have acquired lil bite size marks on them...literally looks like some sort of midget took a bite out of them. has anyone had this happen to theirs?

  5. u r so ba

  6. shiii i know. hha. my friend went back a week later and got caught trying to steal them.
  7. aww man that sucks.
    he's facing hard time, right?
  8. that's pretty cool man
  9. hey i think ive seen your sig somewhere before... lol
  10. Alot of poeple have posted this, and TBH, I really don't think it's fun sober, blazed, or trashed.
  11. me too, i lose hours.
    its great because i have a really short attention span, and when i get tired of something
    all i have to do is click Stumble! haha

    i like the odd stuff you can manipulate yourself like this. even if they're only cool for like 20 seconds
  12. This was sweet for the first 5min of playing. I left the new tab with the body being repeated up and it crashed Mozilla.:(

  13. hes 17 so no.

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