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Fun stuff to do with one other guy after smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TazzLAzz, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. So yea i haven't had a legit friend in a while.

    Most of the kids i smoke with its purely business. As in they give me 5 dollars. I let them smoke with me. Then tell them to fuck off.

    But this kid i smoked with a few times hes pretty chill. And after we have smoked in the past we have chilled a little bit.

    He just texted me saying he picked up a QP and hes gonna smoke me out like 3 blunts.

    The thing is he can't come to my house because i don't want him knowing where i keep my stash.

    And i can't go to his house because he lives with his grandparents.

    So after we smoke should i just bounce? Kinda wanna come home and play xbox. And i don't really see shit else for us to do. Unless we just stand around. We have done that before but only if we are trying to sell. And neither of us are going to be selling today so i don't see a point.
  2. just invite him over but move your stash before hand so it wont be where you usually keep it. or just separate the amount you plan on using so its already out. its always good to have at least one good friend. and since he wants to smoke you out 3 blunts it seems like he's making an effort towards friendship.

  3. If you don't see a point in having friends there is not much we can do to help. :wave:
  4. Anti-Social you are?
    Well, just invite him over. Pre-bag enough bud to smoke and stash the rest.
    Xbox can be much more fun with a friend.
  5. play video games or shoot some bball?
  6. wat tha fuk u afraid of
  7. Sorry for possibly sounding ignorant.. but why are you scared of him knowing where your stash is? Are you afraid of him like.. robbing you or something???
  8. Why dont you socialize, play some xbox, go out and do some recreational activity, do something fun.

  9. well he barely knows the guy. i mean you wouldnt show someone where you stash is without getting to be better friends with them would you? ill show my friends my stash but not an acquaintance.
  10. If he's gunna smoke you out with 3 blunts i'm sure he's nice enough to not steal your stash :)
  11. Because i grow at my house. And i currently have a LOT of weed here. He would smell it as soon as he walked in the door and know i was growing. I am not necessarily scared of him robbing me.

    But he might say something to someone else about it. He doesn't seem like the type but when people are broke they do desperate shit. So i try to keep everyone away from my house when its flowering time.
  12. I hear 3 blunts and your worried about you what 8th stash or something?

    Guy seems chill you should invite him over.

    I mean smoking 3 blunts to my face then going see ya! Seems a little mean.

  13. well thats really understandable. but if the guy is going to smoke you out you cant just dip after smoking. maybe go see star wars 3D?
  14. well if he just picked up a QP hes probably not that desperate.
  15. InB4HomosexualInnuendo
  16. cant go to your house because you don't want him to see where you put your stash????

    thats just stupid.

    take enough weed out of your stash for the sesh beforehand, no need to go into your stash then.
  17. Yeah, in that case I can understand that. Definitely don't want him to tell the wrong person.

  18. Read the whole thread. If all i had was a couple ounces i would have no propblem letting him come over.
  19. Step 1: Fill seperate container with enough weed for the night
    Step 2: Txt guy
    Step 3: Meet somewhere
    Step 4: Blaze
    Step 5: Find something to do, or go home... just leave whenever its gets boring and too long

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