Fun Stuff To Do Stoned?

Discussion in 'General' started by Arnack, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. What do you guys do when you are baked?
    I tried searching, but didn't find anything. I've been smoking a while, and I smoke every night, and I am starting to get bored. What do yall guys do?
  2. smoke more weed
  3. actually, that's probably a good idea :p
  4. if your alone and bored xbox live is awesome :hello:

    movies are always good too
  5. i like smoking with frends that way its not as boring, video games r fun especially games like grand theft auto or other shooting games, playing sports when ur high is fun or jus gettin high with frends n goin to mcdonalds or to see a movie is fun
  6. Eat while I look up how to grow and im looking for a new bubbler too, thinking about buying one.
  7. what, mcdonalds, movie,going!!!! that sounds like kick ass!
  8. Thanks guys. Usually I just Watch Family guy or something. When I'm stoned, I don't really care for music :p
  9. i have lived a good deal of my life stoned.
    football is actually pretty fun when your high. i like playing pool to.
    drinkin beer is great to.
    rock climbing is fun to.
    hell, anything. i love being stoned.

  10. to reply to that, don't play sports. you'll run and it'll be a lot of fun and then you stop running and you feel like shit. its not worth it
  11. I agree with both statements here, doing just about anything high is wicked fun, and I too love being stoned!

    One suggestion does leap to mind that practically no one would think of. If you're into video games, I suggest you stop at and download their game, when you're totally stoned, it's incredible! Also, if you can find it, Tron 2.0 (the video game) is something you should definitely try playing while stoned. I mean those are specific video games I found most entertaining, but video games in general are great. Movies are pretty good too, depending on what (I watched princess mononoke last night again, and it was unbelievable). If it's not too dark and creepy outside, you could always try a walk, I love doing that, especially in summer. Hmm.. That's about all I got right now....
  12. i live in vegas and there is an all you can eat buffet like for only 10 bucks (which is a little bit more then other food) and i just eat and eat. they know me by name there and i always tip the guys like 10 or 20 bucks depending on whos takign the plates away...
  13. Sounds fun.
    Thanks guys ^_^
  14. There are alot of things to do when your stoned that is fun. Shooter games and Fantasy RPG's Rock being stoned..or games like guitar hero..

    Watching TV...anything on TV is alot better when your stoned..

    A good movie..a good comedy..cheesey horror movies..all good

    I also love playing my guitar while being stoned..its fun.
  15. I like to play tetris on gameboy.
  16. Heck yeah..I bet tetris is hella fun being stoned..alot of concentration for a game like that...mine sweeper is also fun while being stoned.
  17. Riding a bike is hella fun high. I like reading when I'm stoned too. Everything just flows really well. Although last night I toked and tried to read, but I couldn't concentrate. I was just really skeptical and felt like the authors were pretentious or something. Usually I get really into books when I'm baked though.
  18. Everything is awesome stoned, falling down a flight of stairs can be made entertaining simply by getting stoned.

    Disclaimer: Do not get stoned and throw yourself down stairs, if you choose to do so it is of your own free will and had nothing to do with me.

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