Fun Night With The guys!?

Discussion in 'General' started by HypedBlazer, May 10, 2016.

  1. So hey guys ive been smoking for about a year and i usally just smoke chronic. This weekend me and a few friends are wanting to have a dank weekend save up for some dank weed then go to a friends house and smoke drink a lil play playstation and watch movies we all round about 19-20 years so ANY SUGGESTIONS? ☆
  2. Don't make too much noise. Don't tear up the house. Use a condom. Never touch a guy's belt.
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  3. Bring lube incase the weed turns you guys gay. Also bring goosebumps books to read and marshmallows.

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  4. Any suggestions? Umm yeah invite some women also known as the real playstations ..
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  5. Whatever happens don't let mom and dad find out!
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  6. I laughed and ended up shooting herbal mint tea out of my nostrils..... >(

    I sneezed and freshened up the entire room. O. O
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  7. Remember: When your wrestling around, its only for fun. Also move the coffee table out of the way for more room to roll around. Last one to tap is the caboose
  8. Don't play ball in the house

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