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Fun little prank

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gigglestick87, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Lol so in a bit, I'm heading to my friends and I told him I'd throw in a gram and he said he will too. Then when he's is out, I'll pull out an eighth and see his face light up. Then we will all smoke it together. I just want to see his face light up with happiness but I don't wanna seem mean by saying I'll just throw in a gram in the beginning when in reality I'm throwing in a mystery eighth. Should I do this?
  2. That's a cool prank. Technically, if he only has 1 gram, then all you have to do is match 1 gram, so anything after that is just courtesy of you. He'll probably be really happy after. It's not mean, it's harmless fun.

  3. ummmmm ok
  4. I'm not gonna complain if someone wants to match my gram with n 8th..

  5. Yeah he's my good friend and has smoked me out plenty of times when I've been dry and I've done the same back. Just a nice gesture. It's gonna be funny seeing his reaction.
  6. That would make him happy for sure, go for it.
  7. Doo etttttt.
  8. haha broseph youre gonna make his daay

    I picked up a 1/4 when i was goin away with this kid for a week

    I split the bag in two right before I met up with him, when he saw that I only had an 1/8th he was like wtff? I told him i got ripped off.

    We smoke really conservative for like 4 days, we have about .5 left, hes bummin out, hes like 'should i pack a really small bowl?' I go naah toke it all to your face, he's like YOURE THE BEST..

    then i pulled out another 1/8th...bomb ass surprise for the kidd hahah

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