Fun little game

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze_It_Up420, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. This game is great to just chill and kill a little time when your bored.

    My best time is around 17 seconds, supposedly someone I know got a 44 but damn I have a hard time believin that, but if he did props.:hello:
  2. eck i suck. I couldnt get more than 11 seconds. fun game though! thanks!
  3. I've tended to be b/w 17 and18 seconds. The blocks have a pattern that is the same every round. So if you watch them, you can just... yeah. avoid the pattern.
  4. its amazing how well you can do when you have photoshop.
  5. Im on an old MAc and its reaaallllyy slow with java.. i got around 16-17 though..but yea.. if you follow the pattern you cna go on forever, it prtty easy to just sit still and no get hit for awhile too..
  6. I got that emailed to me like a month or so ago and I got like 18 or 19 seconds really fun too! JOE>

  7. Nice job man
  8. the longer you last the faster it gets. 16 sec
  9. i get 14 usually, highest has been 19 you'll notice a patter...? maybe i'll keep playin... Lantern, how long'd it take you to get 34s? (i mean tries)
  10. yea man it was pretty cool im baked right now n i still managed to get 27.954 not too bad:bongin: :bongin:
  11. Haha not a bad game at all. I think I saw it on a cellphone once, which I want
  12. 24.219, fun game man, thanks

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