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fun fun fun till her daddy took the t bird awayyyy!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamBC, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. last night, and well i guess all day yesterday was awesome!!! and fortunately for us, there was no T bird involved, so the fun went on right untill i passed out at about 130am...

    anyways, i got a hook up for some awesome weed for 125 can. which is damn good. i bought an o and it was gone in about 18 hours, then yesterday at 7 i bought another o for 125, and without a gram leaving my house, it was gone by 11, then i bought an o of some AWESOME bud for even less than the dealer got it, because it was my third ounce in under 24 hours, so it was 150 can. of some killer dank.

    anyways we smoked about an ounce and a half between 4 or us in my living room while laughing our asses off to some Lip Syncing cartoons (most of you should know what im talking about) i made the perfect cd for it. full of a whole crapload of music i like thats great for cartoons to sing.

    then it got late and i had eaten too much and smoked wayyyyy to much, and passed out.

    then this morning i broke my 12 inch bong ive had for a year...
  2. Did any of your friends offer to put in on the weed? It sounds like you're getting used.
  3. actually, after buying 3 ounces and smoking that much in my house, i EARNED 25$.

    they all bought about a quarter of me, and i smoked all the profit with them (ie. 125 for 28 grams, 10$ a gram=155$in free weed to smoke per ounce)

    dont worry, im not gettin used, everyone there was a close friend.

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