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  1. games with hard settings difficulty level that is just right for being challenging without being impossible or requiring repetitive tactics like waiting for life points to fill up to win

  2. i just started on The Evil Within for PS4..on Normal its got some challenge to only on chapter 3 and died probably, 20 times haha.
  3. Pong. Super hard.
  4. Original doom was fun, not really difficult though.
  5. I wanna be the guy

    Seriously. Check this game.out. its a MUST PLAY at least once for everyone

  6. Is It 2 player?
  7. Never speak of that game... there is no once in the game.

    Anyway I played the shit outta dark souls 1 and 2 awhile back and recently got back into 2 and I don't Remember why I stopped. It's difficult but fair, you will replay some parts many times but every time you die you know what you did wrong and you will want to try again. It might just not be your type of game but I love it and there is no feeling like beating a boss in that game.

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  8. I play in difficult. Difficult is hard at times BT not that bad I imagine normal would b like a walkthrough.
  9. Man I feel old.
    Ghost Recon Jungle Storm on Veteran. PS2
    Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. 360 , PS3
    I'm playing Civilization 3 and 4 on the PC right now. Pretty fun
  10. Hexen was challenging on harder settings, i remember trying to go through on Titan, Pope and Archmage (the classes have different names for them for some reason)
    The Hitman games before the most current one... i found the newer one a lot easier due to it being a lot more functional lol the older ones were very awkward which made for a challenge, especially on harder modes.
    EarthBound.... not exactly difficult in terms of minute to minute play, but beating the game is a lengthy frustrating task. Can be repetitive due to needing to gain levels to beat certain bosses that may be stronger than you, similar to most closed battle RPG's
    The Zelda games are always a nice mixture of casual and frustrating puzzles... the first one is really really fucking hard actually lol... just kinda tosses you into it, no instruction, no direction....
    You only able to choose Normal or Easy difficulty when you first start playing.
  12. Is it only easy or normal? For some reason I thought there was a hard option. Well easy would b a walkthrough
  13. Diablo 2 has some really great settings. They have the "1 life only" setting where you get only 1 life for the entire game. If you die you lose and have to start over. Very difficult and challenging.
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    Normal is easy in a way. Just You go all splinter cell on these zombie guys..i kill all around out side, kill everyone inside..turn the next corner fuckin zombie guy. so i have to run away. You can only sprint for 3 seconds so its like guy has diabetes, Great! i cant basicly you got remember your notes from the movie "Zombie Land"...Running in cirlces works..then when zombie is confused i dart off into a building and hide under a bed or inside a cabinet...soon as the zombie turns his back i pop out and shove a knife in his head. hahaha
  15. Lol yea I just use the old Resident evil tactic on running around the zombie n things but yea Normal is easy in a way BT there are things that I b during from frequently BT it bs kinda. But I definitely will b playing on hard n I'm curious after u beat the game will it have something else to offer
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    The commerical is over rated..the game isnt scary at all...its just got a creepy feel to it, and when the big guy with the chainsaw comes runing after you, you get way to into it. your like the fat guy on the commerical "RUUNNN FOOOO"...i think thats what he was running from. 

    Not scary for me cause im constantly creeping, so these zombies dont have time to sneak up on me. im all about Stealth in this game.

    So far the only thing i hate about the game is the stupid cinematic black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. I feel it always obstructs my view i like to see whats up and below me not whats left and whats right.
  17. I like the game I pretty much dont have no dislikes. I wish storyline and character more so a like better BT its overall good. And there are def. Some parts n the game shaking u up like when (hate saying parts of games)the robbed dude b poppin up whenever he wants in the mansion when u gotta get the keys or pieces

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