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fun day

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bradogkush, May 27, 2010.

  1. yesterday i bought a 30 sac from my connect wit my ginger friend. we met up wit this punk dude on the way to meet my connect but i see him in the parking lot so the punk dude went up to my connect and asked to get a 10 and he did and we toked it up on "the trees" hahaha it was a sick day i got smoked out i put down lik 2 tiny nugs and the dude put down about 3 bowls it was sick thought i would share that but has anyone had chem dog og

  2. I lol'd, mostly because I'm ginger and I find it hilarious that him being ginger shares any relevance lol.
    And yeah dude that sounds rad, I love getting smoked out. Kinda feel dick about it after sometimes but for the most part it's sick.
    And I think I had chemdog once, not sure though :rolleyes:
  3. yourrrr sooooo coooooollllllllllll. whatttt a reallllyyyyy funnnnndayyyyyyyyyyy. smokeed chemmm doogg alllllll daaayyyy
  4. I get smoked out alot. Even though I buy lots of herb. I like to feel guilty sometimes but I don't.
    Never heard of chem dog og
  5. I've got rad friends.
    I supply the house, they let me smoke their bowls.
  6. I had alot of chemdawg a few weeks ago, that shit gets you blazedddd! Glad you were able to meet a new friend, man. Have fun, and smoqueed :smoking:
  7. sounds like a fun day man :smoking:
  8. You should never smoke with a ginger kid, they will try to steal your soul when you arent paying attention and off in your own little world.
  9. dude the ginger kept askin me to pack a bowl and all of this shit but it was a good time i smoked some more of the chem dog og today and a little got me realy gone shows that a little can still go along way :smoking:
  10. [ame=]YouTube - YTPMV: Ginger Kid Can't Go Round The Halls[/ame]
  11. yay for ginger friends

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