Fun day at court!

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  1. Well I got pulled over on my unregistered atv on the road a while back just for a little background info.

    So for some odd reason I decide to eat the 2 pot brownies I had a hour before I had to go to court.Definetly will never do it again and was a stupid idea but it was my first time at court and I was nervous.Well I take my seat and 2 minutes after the judge started talking this older biker looking guy comes in and sits next to me.Instantly I smell a strong odor of beer.This guy starts whispering to me while the judge is talking and I find out it's coming from him.Im laughing inside at this point as the brownies just hit me and I realised this other guy is drunk.He's talking about how hes there for a OUI blah blah blah.

    This kid gets called up and he got charged with 2 and a half oz's of mj I look around everyones just smiling at eachother nodding there head.The drunk guy then nudges my arm and I look over hes figiting with his wallet I look down and he pulls out a Medical mj card smiles and says "I smoke it legal".Im now thinking wow what a fun day of court so many interesting things happened.Was a nice experience thats for sure.
  2. lmfaoo, ive gone to teen court high, my fucking program for shoplifting -__- had a blast and definitely laughed my ass off being on jury trial
  3. that biker was probably blacked out drunk thinking he was going to get more booze for being in court.
  4. ha sounds like you had some fun as well ;)

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